Friday, May 4, 2012

Doo Dee Doo Doo Zoey's World

Besides having an affinity for Elmo, Zoey has become quite the busy little girl the last few months. Once she learned to walk that was that when it came to holding her, the rare instance only on her terms. Everything is interesting, she has an equal interest in her family members and friends, as well as inanimate objects and toys. Basically, if you show an interest in it, so will she.

Same can be said when it comes to food. She has the scared-to-try-anything-new chip that seems to come with most children, but getting her to try something isn't that difficult. Breakfast is by far her favorite meal, she has to have her eggs in the morning (thanks, Grandma) and she's pissed when we make something like waffles, pancakes, or Jacob's famous biscuits and gravy. While playing with her cooking set, if you ask her what she's making, she will always say, "eggs."

 We usually start off the morning with a good snuggle. She's getting more used to the idea of a bed and it providing the same function as her crib. I'm not in a big hurry to move her out of her crib; I like the fact that she's contained. :-D

 Acting out sleeping, as she knows that's what you do snuggled up in bed.

 Or sometimes we snuggle up on the couch with Bankie, Foofy, and a bowl of Cheerios for some morning PBS.

Or just snuggle up with Mommy. Mmmmm.... :-)

I make breakfast - eggs, as requested - and we eat while watching "Sessy Street." Then the rest of the day evolves on its own, depending on whether we have to run errands or not.

 We've all turned into morning people, even Jacob who was known for staying up until the sun rose (he had a work schedule that allowed for this). With family-life, came banker's hours and now we're usually up by 7am. By my own admission, I am a morning person thanks to years of having to catch the bus by 6am (damn you, mountain living).

 I do most of the housework in the morning, although I realize now that's pretty counterproductive as the house inevitably looks like a Toys R Us exploded by the end of the day.

 Regardless, Zoey is always eager to help with the housework. She has official jobs now, like wheeling the clean laundry from the laundry room to the living room for folding, as well as pushing the button on the vacuum cleaner and helping daddy push (I got out of vacuuming when I was pregnant and have never fought to have the job back. In fact, that's one of the few motivators of getting me re-pregnant).

 My big girl sitting at the kitchen table. 

 Having one of her favorites.

She doesn't take bites. Of anything. Here she is with the entire half of a banana shoved in her face.

Like I said, our days just sort of evolve from breakfast time forward.....

 One morning we had a tea party, and invited all of her [stuffed] animal friends, including Christmas Kermit.

"Cheese, Mother."
 And Durbin....He's in the background but definitely didn't want to be left out of the festivities.
She understands what it means to say "CHEESE" at the camera. She's started to pose for pictures for me and I love it! :-)

 Zoey has developed a real love for coloring, thanks in part to my friend, Stephanie, who gave her a 5-pack of crayons last Christmas, and then I showed her how to use them on some lined paper. Then I found this giant coloring pad for $5.00 at Wal-Mart and it's perfect.

 Where to begin, where to begin?.....

 She said, "tiger!" And then said, "color his nose," and colored his nose. Sorry to all of you who were hoping she'd be a southpaw (even though she's using her left hand in this picture). She uses both but exhibits more comfort in using the right, and if you place a writing utensil in her left hand she will almost instinctively put it in her right.

Miss Picasso stopping for a quick photo-op.

 Obviously putting some serious thought and effort into her work.

Still able to flash me an award-winning smile, of course.

 Most of her waking hours are spent asking if the can "colow, colow??" so when we had to run out and get milk, I picked up a box of crayons too.

 Naturally, there were a few dumping episodes, but for the most part she'd take out a color, use it (all while telling me what she's coloring, "nose" "eyes" "house" "flower"), then put it back. I only had to tell her once to put it point side up and when she'd accidentally put it point-side down she'd remind herself, "turn around."

I also got her a new Elmo coloring book I found in the super-handy dollar section of Target. Is it wrong I probably love coloring as much as she does? When she woke up from her nap today, we colored for almost an hour before heading outside to play.

Going outside to play can take a couple of different forms.....

 She loves being outside but her favorite thing ever is to go to the "pwaygwound." She'll ask from the moment we let the dogs out in the morning until we're getting ready for bed at night. 

 Gotta try it all, just try telling her not to do something. She's pretty good at figuring out what she's capable of and determining her limitations. And in case you're wondering, she eventually opted out of this particular portion of the jungle-gym.

 These pictures are a little old - beginning of Spring - as you can tell by the winter coat she hasn't needed since the beginning of March. But things at the "pwaygwound" haven't changed....

 She loves to climb on the jungle-gym and go down the slide (she's not quite comfortable going down without me holding on to her). She's bigger now so it's not quite as challenging or tiring (to my dismay).

 If anything has changed where the swing is concerned it's that she's grown more attached to it, sometimes completely forgoing the slide.

I showed her to move her feet like she's running and say, "SCOOBY DOOBY DOO!" so that's what she does, then giggles like crazy.

 Going outside also entails exploring our own backyard; she's pretty satisfied with either activity.

 I've tried a few times to bring toys outside but she's more interested in other things, mainly the storage compartment, patio thing. You know, the things she shouldn't be playing with.

 Expressing some dirt-related frustrations to Durbin.

 She loves the lawn chair, a girl after my own heart. She likes to play games with it, games I'm not equipped to understand because I'm not a toddler.

I do understand this game, though: I've Had Enough of the Hat, which leads to our next game, Then We've Had Enough Outside, which I also understand.

While we did end up going to the "pwaygwound" this afternoon, going outside to play also took the form of drawing with Sidewalk Chalk.

And blowing dandelion seeds, which she thinks is hilarious.....

She still needs a bit of help from Mommy until she figures out the art of perfecting her dandelion blowing.

The more she stumbles around outside like she's doing the walk-of-shame, the closer we get back to indoor games.....

 One afternoon, her Intellectual Highness - donned in her favorite Mr. Potato Head accessory - decided to conduct her afternoon activities as such....

 Coloring, of course....

 Putting her puzzle together...(of which I've documented the entire step-by-step process in order to highlight her genius as only her mother can)

 She's saying, "Ta da!" (No, seriously, she is. Ok, I told her to, but still...)

 Dumping is all the more fun when it's all put together.

Playing with her weird, knobby block things that I still don't understand the entertainment value of.

Like every other age, I am really loving the one she is at now. She's just independent enough to allow me to clean, do laundry, even write or read an article, but, of course, still needs us for everything. She's got an active imagination - as evidenced by her new fort under her bassinet - and finds pretty much anything entertaining, leaving me open to also bake some cookies. My cookies have developed a bit of a following even though I follow the recipe on the back of the chocolate chips bag.


 Amazingly fast how that chocolate gets everywhere.

Regardless of what we end up doing or how our days ends up evolving, we always find something to make the days fly by.

 After going to the bank one afternoon, we had the opportunity to try our very first sucker. I wonder how blue raspberry being her first will influence her sucker choices from now on.

 Loves to share with the dogs, something we strongly discourage but she thinks is hilarious.

 I love this picture, I can hear her laughing every time I look at it.

 She loves her doggies.

And Durbin doesn't look like he's having too awful of a time, either.

 Included in her giant coloring pad was a page full of stickers. Now, I'm no dumbass, I let her have the entire page, I wind up with permanent "decorations" all over the furniture, so I let her pick one out every once in awhile and she plays with it until it won't even stick to fabric anymore.

 She picked out a baseball sticker and I put it on her hand. She was so proud of it, she held her hand as if she was wearing an engagement ring from the Crown Prince himself. This is her showing me her baseball sticker.

 Her affinity for chairs hasn't changed and now she has one that fits only her tiny tushy thanks to Grandma and Grandpa Donahue. It was too-big for about a millisecond, now she climbs on, gets off, and has stopped slipping off the side.

This is Foofy saying, "CHEESE!"

I'll leave you with this gem:

After I took this I showed it to Jacob who laughed and said, "She looks exactly like you. You give me that look all the time."

Of things I'm not able - or too stupid and/or slow - to take pictures of, Zoey continues to amaze. Her Grandparents, our friends, strangers in stores are constantly amazed at her but what do we know? We don't hang around many 1-and-a-half year-olds so our frame of reference is pretty small. She does know quite a bit of words, and repeats most everything you say with fairly good accuracy. She can count to 5 and seems to have developed an attachment to the number 8. She knows what her name looks like when you write it out, knows various body parts, some colors, and a relatively large number of animals. She knows food, that what she drinks is called "milk" as well as "moo," and can generally ask for anything she wants like oatmeal, eggs, waffles, crackers, cheese, and Cheerios. She still hasn't quite figured out the difference between oatmeal and yogurt, though, and once found one of my sanitary napkins, held it up and declared, "oatmeal!"

On Jacob's birthday she used her Princess Potty for the first time. As we were changing her for bed she said, "bafroom, bafroom?" We asked, "Do you need to go to the bathroom?" She said, "yeah," got up and went pee in her toilet. I mean, for realsies. Unfortunately, the potty got turned off somehow so we didn't get to hear the congratulatory song it plays. A couple of nights later, she did the same thing, and it wasn't until she said she had to use the potty one morning that we got to hear the song. She grinned like she'd just been given the Gold Medal of Potty Using. So far, she's peed in her potty 4 times but we're not pushing her. She's still young and I'm convinced she'll catch on, if for no other reason than because Mommy and Daddy are doing it (which reminds me, we should probably be more cognizant of our behavior....hee hee...). While I'm thrilled with the prospect of potty training, a dark cloud looms with no more diapers......a second pregnancy DUN DUN DUN. But have no fear, world, a second Breanne/Jacob offspring is at least a year away.

When that time comes, Zoey will be an awesome big sister. She cleans up her spilled milk without me asking, picks up her toys or other items when I ask her to, and always has a generally helpful attitude. The only thing we seem to be having a problem with is getting her to not do what we don't want her doing.

If anything, Zoey keeps us very busy, constantly laughing, and always on our toes. My friend, Mer, said, "how did you get so lucky?" and I have no idea.