Friday, April 6, 2012

Libby's Debut

I feel like the notion of the baby-shower is an antiquated one. I had a sort-of baby shower with all of the ladies in my office where they scared me with their birth stories, but otherwise had never been. And more and more of what I hear about are post-birth, meet-the-baby parties, which I find more interesting because everyone is focused on the baby anyway, he or she might as well be present.

Last Saturday Rachael's BFF, Robin, decided to throw her one-such meet-the-baby party, complete with games that require real-world experience, like Guess The Candy Bar in the Diaper, and What Fruit and/or Veggie is This Baby Food? Fact: I was one away from winning the candy bar game. Zoey happened to win the Don't Say the Word 'Baby' Game by asking her Dad for all of his beads. What can I say, he's a total sucker for her. But I got to collect her prize: a lavender candle, gardenia hand sanitizer, and hand cream. There was lots of yummy food and cake, and it was a nice, sunshiny day (wow, do I have rainbows coming out of my ass, or what?).

 Of course, we had to get all dressed up for the party. Daddy selected her ensemble (complete with cracker in hand).

 Charming the pants off her Great-Grandparents (Jacobs' grandparents).

 Then moving on to her uncle Todd.

 Her and Layne got into playing with one of her favorite things; or, at least, one of her favorite words to say: balloons.

 The grand gift-opening.

 Rachael got a TON of cute outfits to dress Libby in for the 30 minutes she's awake every day (seriously, I've only witnessed my brother and Jacob sleep so much. Yay for Rachael. :-)).

 Showing things to big brother Layne.

 Libby with her Great Grandpa Bob and Great Grandma Betty (you can't make this stuff up).

 In the middle of all the festivities, Zoey felt it necessary to go up the stairs. Then down the stairs. Then back up the stairs. Then back down the stairs. Here I am, Mother of the Year. What can I say, Robin served whipped cream-filled strawberries and they were gooooooood.
 Ok, really, it was only a second.

 Then it was Jacob's turn.....

 After the prizes were awarded, and the presents opened, Zoey was down for some down time.

 Her Great Grandparents thought this an opportune time to get a picture.

Zoey, on the other hand, had sat still long enough and had other fish to fry.

 Like asking Daddy for his beads (he gives me that same look....).

Then a picture was ok. A girl after my own heart, remembering to accessorize.

 Once again, Grandma was in Grandma-Heaven with her grandchildren.

 She found other ways to amuse herself as well.....

It scares me how pretty she is. Yes, I just said that but since I gave birth to her I can pretty much say whatever I want.

The party ended around dinner time and GG Bob and GG Betty wanted to take us all out to Golden Corral (one of their faves when they come to Billings). I'd never been to one of those before (just a sushi buffet once in San Diego), but now I definitely know why they call it Corral. What amazed me was that it seemed like all of the other customers had been there many times before, rushing up to food counters pretending no one is in front of them, and I'm just trying to read the dang sign! It was....interesting, but the food was good and that's what's important.

We did some catching up in the parking lot because it's pretty impossible to speak in the restaurant. It was a long and tiring, but fun day. Zoey conked out almost instantly. Jacob's grandparents were leaving on Tuesday so we went to Jacob's parent's house on Sunday to visit a little more before they left; they hadn't seen Zoey since she was just getting ready to walk. It's always nice to see them, GG Bob usually gives me one (or two) of his Bud Lights.