Wednesday, March 28, 2012

On My Soapbox: People Edition

Back on my soapbox to talk about people. Ugh, people! Sometimes my mom would come home from her clothing boutique and say, "ugh, people!" That's how I was feeling on Monday and, apparently, so were a lot of others.

Despite my overall demeanor, I'm a very upbeat, happy, positive person. I'll wait until you stop laughing.......

Ok, I try to be a happy, positive person; especially positive, because I realize no one else is going to be. Monday was a typical don't-want-to-get-out-of-bed-and-get-ready Monday, the only bright spot being the unseasonably warm weather we've been having, but I tried my best to make the best of it. For one thing, Mondays always seem to fly by for me, so that is always a positive. The morning was at its usual pace when my office phone rang and it was my bank. DUN DUN DUN!

The nice lady at our local bank was calling to ask if it was us trying to make a purchase the other day at Wal-Mart in Florida City, FL with Jacob's debit card. They stopped the transaction from going through because they suspected fraud, now were calling to verify that it was, indeed fraud. I was stunned; I literally babbled and said things that did not make sense. I told her that I knew the last time he used the card and I was almost positive it was at a gas station, and it hadn't been for a few days. I said, "maybe online," thinking he was trying, as he sometimes does, to surprise me (can't surprise the person who looks at the bank statement, heeheehee). She said, "no, it said it was swiped, so that means someone has a counterfeit of Jacob's debit card." Well, hell. It's good to know the bank is on such high fraud alert but it would be really nice if these hacker people would go pick on someone else. Jacob said, "Man! Why does everyone have to steal from the poor!"

This is his third time dealing with this, the most memorable when his checking account was wiped out by someone at Boot Barn two days before he was to be flying for the second time in his life, across the country to Orlando, Florida, no less, and then spending three to four days in the car with me and Louis driving back to Montana. The bank refunded the money and, this time, they didn't even allow the transaction to go through. It would just be nice if they didn't have to practice their anti-fraud techniques on us.

A few phone calls later.....

"Good morning, thank you for calling Bladdy Blah Law, this is Breanne."
"Excuse me?"
"Good morning, thank you for calling Bladdy Blah Law, this is Breanne."
"I don't know if I have the wrong number, I dialed [rattles off a toll-free number]. I just need to know if I dialed 1234 or 1235. Just my luck I find someone with half a brain to tell me what number I dialed, don't you know what your number is?"
I was busy pulling up the website, my quickest access to our toll-free number, not saying anything besides, "uh huh." Then it dawned on me what he had just said and that it was directed at me, about me. Startled, I just said, "Did you mean to call Bladdy Blah Law Firm? What number did you dial?"

My problems with this are many-fold. 1) Clearly, someone has serious issues, enough to get so worked up over the fact that THEY dialed a wrong number. The situation really warranted the rude comments and screaming profanities at me through the phone? Aren't we over-reacting just a bit? B) What part of your - one can only assume - ridiculously small brain actually thinks that if you treat people in such a manner they will help you in any way, shape or form? I just hung up on him, his question left un-answered. I guess we'll never learn what number he actually dialed....

I understand everyone having off-days, or being grumpy on a particular day of the week (we all still loved Garfield), but what is with the rampant negativity?! What baffles me the most is that people actually have the audacity to create a fake debit card in someone else's name and try to actually buy shit. I worry enough about my own card being declined, let alone trying to use a stranger's. And, like I said, I couldn't believe how rude Mr. Wrong Number was, the audacity of him to yell at a complete stranger over something completely insignificant. So maybe people's problems aren't actually problems, just a rabid case of look-how-big-my-balls-are.

Well, assholes, look how big my balls are, I choose to be positive when that seems to be the more difficult choice.

Off my soapbox now, thank you, and have a wonderful day!