Friday, March 9, 2012

Meet the Newest McIntyre Bundle!

Let me just stop you right there, no, Jacob and I did not have another baby. But Rachael and her husband, Todd, did! They welcomed their little girl into the world on March 8th at 5:21am.

 Everything went smoothly and quickly for Mommy and baby and they - at least when we visited - were resting and happy. Baby Liberty Elizabeth Metzler clocked in at 8-pounds, 3-ounces, 21-inches long (only 1 ounce bigger than Zoey!)

 She is beyond adorable with little, chubby cheeks, a tiny little nose, and a full head of hair, and she looks exactly like her big brother, Layne. Rachael said when Layne held her the first time, she calmed right down. And already another baby girl has someone wrapped around her little finger.

Dads of daughters. It's hard to believe just a year and a half ago we were in the same birthing center to have that little monkey on the couch. Rachael let me hold Liberty (Libby for short, which is too cute) and it was like holding nothing. And she has tiny, normal baby feet, not the gigantic ones Zoey had when she was born (or, apparently, still has, as my Uncle Mark said to me, "looks like she has some big feet!")

 My beautiful baby. Now I totally get it - no matter how much she changes, I will always think of her as my little bundle 'o baby.

 Zoey found the whole thing very interesting. She loves pointing out the baby, and she's quite good at saying Libby, Liberty and Cousin. But she's been having a love-affair with rocking chairs lately (what is it with this girls and chairs?!) so once she found that, she had a one-track mind.

Having people in my life who are pregnant - first Rachael, then my good friend Ali, of This Is All One Big Adventure fame - and everyone in the book club except me being done having children, people have started asking us when we'll start baking Bun number 2. As we left the hospital to go home, Jacob and I [JOKINGLY] talked about the option of just getting it over with - having our second baby, he's agreed to get the snippy-snip, then just raise them for the rest of our lives. But we've also both acknowledged that we're not ready for baby number 2. We are both still very selfish with Zoey, actually getting butt-hurt when one of us doesn't feel like we're doing enough.

We've also acknowledged that having a baby - shit, being pregnant - changes a relationship, and that it still has a level of importance, sometimes over anything else. Not to sound all celebrity-like, but we're just not in a place for baby number 2 yet; we're loving being our little family of 3, focusing on every milestone Zoey makes, and making sure our relationship is as great as it can be. Plus, the dogs give us enough of a headache.

Zoey is also incredibly helpful, putting things away when I ask her to, so I just know that in at least another year or so, she'll be an awesome big sister. I'd also like to have only one child in diapers. Oh, and I'm incredibly afraid of childbirth even though everything went peachy-dandy the first time.

We are all so happy for Rachael and Todd! Having a baby girl is so much fun, and now they get the best of both worlds. I can't wait to watch the three of them play together!