Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Baby Merlin's Magic Sleepsuit Lives!

I discovered something interesting awhile back: when people google Baby Merlin's Magic Sleepsuit, one of my posts about the famed pajama/blanket/snow-suit hybrid is on page one (on a some-what related note, my post about our Elkhorn girls weekend is also on page one of google if you search for how to plan a girls gone wild weekend). I fear it might be misleading, though, since the title is "So Long Mr. Sleepsuit," and we've done anything but say so long. Would you believe, the story of the Sleepsuit continues....

I learned about the Magic Sleepsuit on my babycenter.com birth-board when Zoey was starting to out-grow being swaddled. For awhile the suit worked exactly as it should. As she got bigger, we tried to then wean her from the Sleepsuit because, apparently, it's not designed to be used when baby can roll over. Well, try telling this to Zoey who absolutely refused to sleep without putting on her suit.

She refused to sleep without it but was getting too hot wearing it - especially as summer approached - and would soon require double joints in order to even get into the thing. Baby Merlin suggests wearing two pairs of pajamas in order to wean from the Sleepsuit so we put Zoey in a onesie and jammies and - drumroll please - put the suit in the crib with her so she could snuggle with it. And that was that.

Zoey is so attached to her Baby Merlin's Magic Sleepsuit she still can't sleep without it. If she happens to drop it out of her crib, she'll stand there and cry like her ship is going down. When she's upset, her Sleepsuit is one of the things that will always instantly calm her (stuffed doggy and blankie run a close second), and oftentimes she will be playing and suddenly remember her suit isn't near her. She'll stop what she's doing as if a light bulb went on, run to wherever she thought she left it, yelling, "Schute!" We can't go anywhere without Suit, and God forbid she get put to bed without it; we need to schedule when it gets washed and make her very aware of the process so she doesn't have a complete mental breakdown.

Suit has had some dark days, though. In my anger-laden haste with the stupid Food Festival grocery store in farm-country Wisconsin, I accidentally left Suit in the shopping cart. Boy did I feel like the worst mommy in the world! Since we were staying with my uncle in Wisconsin, I think there was too much going on for Zoey to notice Suit was missing. As luck would have it, though, Suit wound up on his own vacation to the Lost-And-Found Bin Resort. Jacob suggested someone might have taken it but I said, "No one would have known what it was," then we joked about what must have happened when someone found it. On our way out of town, we decided it couldn't hurt to see if Suit was still at the store. So a big thank you to whomever took Suit to the Customer Service Desk!! Bonus, it was fun when the girl behind the counter gave me a puzzling look and said, "What is this?"

Maybe Zoey did know he was missing and that is why she is so in-tune to his whereabouts today. And, wow, Suit has seem some better days. There is a giant rip up the back but she refuses to let Daddy have it long enough to sew it up (yes, that's right, Daddy. Daddy knows how to sew, Mommy doesn't). We have to distract her so she doesn't notice Suit, Foofy (stuffed dog), and "Bank (blankie)" going in the washer and dryer otherwise she'll bang on the laundry room door, crying, "SCHUTE! SCHUTE!" And she looks at it a little funny when it comes out of the dryer.

Aside from being totally adorable, it's incredibly heart-warming to see her love something so much. We're happy Baby Merlin's Magic Sleepsuit has long surpassed it's expectations, is totally worth the $45 (no, seriously, worth every last cent), came to a good home, and is getting lots of hugs and cuddles. So, no so long, Magic Sleepsuit; Sleepsuit lives!