Thursday, February 16, 2012

A Non-Lady's V-Day

Just so you think I'm not a complete dunce in the Valentine's department when it comes to my husband, I thought I'd share how I made him feel special. Plus, I thought I'd toot my own horn since I'm just a teency bit proud of myself. :-D

Ok, I suck in that I waited until the day after Valentine's. Or procrastinated would be more appropriate. With primarily only using 1 car, it makes surprises a wee bit difficult. But if intentions mean anything, I knew exactly what I wanted to get him.

I got him a gift card to the auto-parts store he frequents, which, I realize - when you think about it - really isn't that special because it's the equivalent of him using our bank card to buy a car-part. But now this x-amount of dollars is irreversibly earmarked specifically for something car-related. And he can use it to knock the price down of something else, or buy x-amount of dollars worth of stuff; either way, the money is going to a car. 

Getting the gift card was a bit of a challenge, the elderly men behind the counter rarely doing them. It took two of them and two computers to ring it up after spending 15 minutes discussing how neither of them knows how to do it. Then I spotted some Chilton's manuals and knew Jacob would really love one for our Jeep. Of course, our model year wasn't on display so the elderly gentleman were again off on a search into the unknown. I did end up getting everything I wanted, and Jacob was very happy; it was the first time he had his nose buried in a book while I made dinner (instead of the other way around).

Speaking of dinner, I decided to make something special, but didn't necessarily want it to be something I'd made before. I've only made parts of this meal before - the salad, dressing, and potatoes, only with red potatoes.

 Otherwise, I punted putting this together: Cornish game hens stuffed with mushroom rice, oven-roasted potatoes, spinach salad with homemade Dijon mustard. It was pretty amazing, and I was able to determine which side of the bird was supposed to be placed up in the oven.

In all, Jacob and I are very pleased by how our Valentine's turned out, and we each got to feel special. I am just giddy for the day when Zoey brings home school-made Valentines for her Mommy and Daddy.