Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Happy Valentine's Day!

V-Day and I have not been the greatest of friends, and I'm sure I'm not the only one who feels that way (Monica: "You're working on Valentine's Day?" Fireman: "Oh yeah, it's our busiest night of the year.") I think schools had it right when they made you give a Valentine to every kid in the class regardless of your feelings for them, a subliminal message that even people you don't care for deserve to be nice to. And it makes you feel good inside to brighten someones day (ha! And you all thought I didn't have a soul, especially when I drink wine).

Last year, Jacob and I didn't do anything even remotely related to celebrating Valentine's Day. We got home from work, made some chicken strips and french fries, let our then-five-month-old baby roll around naked on her Winnie the Pooh blanket and, most likely, fell asleep in front of the television. Valentine's Day is what you make of it. It can be some sort of validation of your relationship, or it could be a day to not really take yourself too seriously, to do fun, heart-warming (PUN!) things for your friends. For example, my friend, Mer, sent me this video even though she makes relentless fun of me for watching The Bachelor (seriously if you're not watching, then reading www.ihategreenbeans.com, you're not really living). "Bring me my girlfriend and a bottle of wine." We decided this would be our song.

Duh. Sorry, I was talking about my husband.......So, last year we didn't do anything. But I suggested that since we didn't get each other anything for this-last Christmas that we should go all-out with Valentine's Day; by which I mean silly Valentine's, flowers, candy, maybe some ridiculous pair of underwear, whatever. Being the most awesome person there is, he got me this:

It's a Flip video camera. It's looks like a camera, and that is often what people think when you point it at them. My friend, Derek, had one during Session one year and most of his videos were of people standing there, arms around each other, smiling (I think he later used it to film Jacob and I's wedding video). It is the best thing ever. Jacob always worries so much about getting me something I'll like but he always gets something extraordinary. He knows I get frustrated easily with a lot of buttons; I'm constantly overwhelmed by all of the different buttons and switches in the car, and when he installed a super-digital car stereo, I about ripped all of my hair out. The Flip has a left, right, up, down, record, play, delete, and power button. I'm in heaven. It takes nothing to whip it out and record Zoey doing something awesome, and it's easy to hide since....well, you'll see......(I've shot just over 30 videos of Zoey with the camera and they all end the same way)

He gave it to me last Wednesday as soon as the mailman dropped it off. We're horrible at getting presents for each other, always resisting the urge to give it to the other as soon as we have it. Then, like this evening, we like to tell the story of how we obtained our respective presents.

I wasn't really expecting anything from him today since he got me the camera, and it's not something that is necessary to work into our budget (that's my fancy way of saying we're poor). And when my coworker, Sunny, came up to me and asked that I come with her to her desk in the front I was convinced I was in trouble about something and just trying to not be nervous. And there Jacob stood! And he was holding this:

The shoe is a ring holder! He saw it in the shop where he got the flowers and decided I must have it. Even better, he delivered it in person. He told me he thought about having it delivered but decided he'd rather see me and knew I'd be happy to see him. Unfortunately, since he had the car, I had to have his Valentine delivered:

Heart-shaped 3-cheese pizza. He later told me that when he went to the receptionist to get the pizza she joked, "Wouldn't it be funny if the pizza was in the shape of a heart?" And Jacob said, "Yeah, that would be pretty cool."And Ta-dah!

Although we've spent the majority of this evening like any other evening - Jeopardy and Wheel of Fortune-watching, playing and snuggling with Zoey in between her asking for a cracker (I swear the kid runs on Saltines), and generally not doing anything special - it's been one of the better Valentine's Days. 

Tomorrow I want to get a couple of things for Jacob, then - thanks to buying bananas at Costco - I have a few banana loaves to make. I hope everyone felt loved, if even in the smallest of ways, and ultimately had a happy Valentine's Day (or just a good day for the sake of having a good day).