Saturday, February 25, 2012

Ever Growing, Ever Changing

Once you pop that little Bun from your oven time moves amazingly fast. Even when Zoey was a newborn and the sleep, eat, poop, sleep routine was the same for 6 weeks, the days were over in a flash. It only got busier too, because the naps got less-frequent. She is evolving just as she should, and we're just trying to keep up.

 Some morning tea with her Princess tea set.

 Mommy's lazy babies. (Look at that mess! Eh, I stopped caring a long time ago)

 That black blob on the couch is Durbin. Seriously, sometimes I'll forget he's there.

 Durby and Zoey, napping buddies.

 Introducing her first Mr. Potato Head!! She loves to play with him and all of his pieces and, and just says, "'tato-head" over and over again.

 She still loves being the gourmet cook of the house.

Zoey is growing up so fast and - let's be honest - we have no clue what the fuck we're doing. We pretty much rely on her to tell us what to do. Now she's in the parroting phase where she copies everything we do and repeats the last sentence we say, doesn't even necessarily have to be directed at her. With this in mind, even though potty training is a bit early, we decided that if she's going to copy everything we do, it couldn't hurt anything to copy us going to the bathroom. So we got her her very own training Princess potty. It has a crown on the back of the seat, and when she does business it plays congratulatory songs! We haven't heard it yet but we're all very excited. She loves "using her potty," which isn't really anything at the moment besides something she mimics mommy or daddy doing, but with something that is just the right size and shape for her cute little mushy, tushy. DISCLAIMER: DADDY OKED THE POSTING OF THE FOLLOWING PICTURES, JUST SO EVERYONE IS AWARE:

In need of her security accouterments. 

 Discovering the art of reading on the toilet.

 She loves her "moo" and Dora pj's.

 SOOO hard to get a toddler to snuggle with you for longer than a millisecond.

 So sometimes I just steal my snuggles.

 The boys proving how tough they are to each other.

 We spent a couple of hours outside one Sunday cleaning up the backyard. Zoey loved being outside and didn't seem to get tired of running around. She loved that ball and, unfortunately, the dogs did too so Mom ended up having to take it away. And she didn't mind getting dirty in the slightest. Of course it meant her favorite pastime ever would follow - bath!

Daddy's the only one working. ;-)

 When I'm cooking I like to bring her into the kitchen so she can cook with me. One morning, as I made breakfast - all decked out in Dora the Explorer - I asked, "What are you making, Zoey?" And I swear she said, "breakfast."

 Zoey loves rocking on her horse who, unfortunately, lives in her room; she'd prefer he live in the living room so she'll sometimes go to her room and carry him all by herself to the living room. One afternoon this was as far as she felt like going.

She discovered today that she's just a wee bit too big to play inside of the laundry basket, but she still found a way to have fun with it. This morning she sat like this and watched an entire episode of Yo Gabba Gabba.

 Such a big girl, eating her grilled cheese sandwich with some more Yo Gabba Gabba.

 Even more grown up than her parents, who sat next to her and ate ice cream; who then offered it to Zoey, who said, "no," and continued munching her sandwich.

 Zoey is allowed to play with the kitchen towel drawer and she just discovered the oven mitts while Jacob and I were making dinner (tater tot casserole, invented by Jacob: macaroni and cheese, sausage - we used Polish sausage - peas, all prepared separately, thrown together, then topped with frozen tater tots and baked for however long it takes the tater tots to cook. It was yummy, a very home-style meal.). She loved them and loved saying, "mitts!"

I then made a pumpkin bread which tastes nothing like pumpkin but is still good. Jacob said it was like a sweet bread. I'll take it!

 Singing and chanting about how much she loves the "mitts!"

And yes, we still put our child in Christmas clothing. It still fits so there is really no excuse not to. Plus, we have yet to take down the Christmas wreath from outside the front of the house.

I can't believe this week will be the end of February, and there's even an extra day. Come March, Zoey will be a year and a half and probably applying to college. The birds have been out so I think Spring might be here sooner than we think. It's been a very dry winter, I'm sad we have yet to get more snow, if only for the fact that my lips are dry and cracked. It's my mom's most hated expression, but we really do need the moisture! Just look at the pictures of our backyard!

Once Spring rolls around then it feels like the year is really off and running. We're already off and running, and only going faster and more places. I seriously think people should have to pass a physical in order to have children.