Sunday, January 22, 2012

Winter Finally Arrived

Seems like an odd thing to say living in Montana, but this winter has been relatively mild. Just a little over a week ago, I took this:

The holidays came and went like a blink of an eye and there was no other way but to dive head-first into the new year. On the 5th, my mom came to stay with us and help watch Zoey while my dad embarked on another motorcycle journey to South America. I hope he comes back with the good drugs this time.

My mom was here this time last year and it's such a stark contrast. For one thing, Zoey was pretty much immobile, she hadn't even rolled over yet. Now she walks, runs, wears shoes for their actual purpose, has a mouthful of teeth in order to gobble down non-pureed food, and can and will ask for anything she might want at any given moment. She's also able to don winter clothing and frolic in the snow.

 The most snow we've gotten this year was a couple of inches that didn't even stick to the ground. This time around, the temperature dropped to below-zero and dumped at least a foot in a 24-hour period. So we waited until the sun finally made an appearance, bundled up and got introduced to the fluffy stuff.

 We weren't outside for very long since it was a brisk 2-degrees, but she thoroughly enjoyed the snow and wanted to spend more time in it.

 Louis swinging by for a quick kiss in the middle of frolicking with Durbin.

 Louis was very interested in Zoey being outside and in play-mode, almost helpful in a way. And I swear he attack-plays with Durbin as a way to show off.

Coming back inside, covered in snow. And so continues the tradition of stripping off snow clothes and placing them by the heater to dry, filling the room with that lovely wet boot smell.

Just as things started to get going. Just as I had hoped, it was on a day I got to stay home. :-D I'll be working a full week this week in order to help prep the office for our move to the new building. It will be weird, and I wonder if it will feel longer since having a day off in the middle of the week really seems to make it fly by.

 After playing in the snow, the only real way to warm up is by clomping around in Grandma's slippers.

 Totally ready for the runway. (And presumably born knowing how to wear shoes)

 Zoey loves books and loved showing them all to Grandma and making her read them to her.

 Hangin' with Mommy and some Spongebob Squarepants, of whom she calls "Bob Bob."

 She saw the camera. I'm not sure she gets the concept of the camera, just that there are pictures of , "baby" on the other side of the thing you're pointing at her and she must see them.

 Impromptu family picture; it's a rare occasion we're all sitting still in the same place at the same time.

Life continues to be busy, more so as Zoey gets older. She's down to only one nap a day, and will start attending daycare regularly (3 days a week) in February. Her last visit there I received a report that she has a crush on the sitter's son (will be 2-years in February) and tried to kiss him. We're a very kiss-y family, we'll have to make sure to teach her when it's appropriate since you never know who has a stick up their ass (daycare did not, thankfully, just thought it was extremely cute. I don't get how children displaying signs of love is a bad thing but I'm sure there is someone out there who would tell me different). 

 Like I said, Grandma is visiting so Zoey is getting in lots of Grandma snuggles. By-the-by, the picked up "Grandma" very easily.

 Some things never change. Basking in the sea of Cheerios that, for some reason, taste much better off the floor.

 What can I say, she plays hard, she sleeps hard.

 Nap time after a particularly grueling morning of continuous breakfast eating, playing with toys, reading her books, playing in the snow with the doggies, peeing all over the bathmat, bath-time, and pooping in the tub.

 Grandma has her own room when she stays with us but we need to convert the futon to a bed. We've used this vintage sleeping bag thing as a sort-of cushion for years, thinking it was a sleeping bag for a very miniature person with random snaps in odd places. Turns out, it's the very first version of the Snuggie. Jacob's balled up like that because this was, in fact, made for a very small person.

 We're a pretty big football family, mainly because we don't have the attention span for things as non-lively as baseball and as monotonous as basketball. I sent this Packer's toaster to my dad for Christmas so he can make toast with the Packer's logo. I had hoped he could make Packer toast on Super Bowl Sunday, but sadly, that won't be happening since they bent over for the New York Giants.

 Even still, it was a good opportunity to play hostess and make all kinds of yummy food for the day. Homemade red potato salad, pigs in a blanket, brats, chips, dip,cottage cheese (gotta represent the WI!), and homemade chocolate chip cookies.

Mom enjoying the spread.

 Durby catching some ZZZZ's in between begging to be let on the futon. Mom has been here for a couple of weeks and he still hasn't accepted that he isn't allowed to lay on her bed. Strangely, though, he decided hugging the coffee table was much better than the expanse of floor that lies before him.

I took this picture with her future American Idol Champion 2029 montage video in mind. "She was interested in music from the very beginning....."

I'm glad winter has finally showed up, it really sucks just being cold. Jacob and I hope to find time to go skiing so I'm hoping for a good amount of Spring snow. And it helps to keep people from freaking out about precipitation come summer.

Basically, life hasn't skipped a beat, but it would be nice if it slowed down just a bit so we can catch our breath.