Saturday, December 17, 2011

Speeding Up to the End of the Year

Since Thanksgiving, life has continued on pretty much as normal. Jacob, Zoey, and I are just peachy. Zoey is like on wheels, running now whenever the mood suits her. She walks and runs on the balls of her feet, something everyone commented on at my work Christmas party. They all know I'm a shoe-fiend so joked that she popped out ready to wear high heels. But she's not prejudice, she'll wear any shoe (side bar: Jacob bought his beloved camo house-shoes when he was shopping by himself).

 That's right, she just learned to walk and is already clomping around in Daddy's shoes. I used to do the same thing with my dad's cowboy boots (which I don't remember actually seeing him wear).

She even scooted around a little with them on backwards. We tried to correct her but she was insistent, and we thought it was cute and funny.

Her vocabulary is also getting quite large. She says, "please" but, naturally it comes out as "peas." She will pick a word from the sentence you're speaking and repeat it, so now is a great time to train ourselves not to use four letter words. When she's gone to the bathroom in her diaper she'll declare, "diapy!" And then just chant "diapy" until she gets a new one. She's not particularly fussy, just using the word. And I don't know if it's my Mom Ear (that convinces me everything Zoey says is pure Shakespeare), but I swear she's spit out a couple of sentences: "take a bath, (which she loves to do and will ask for when you say it's "nigh nigh" time)," "have breakfast," and "oh my gosh." She also says, "all done," and "no more." She uses "mommy" and "daddy" all the time, and will sometimes touch my chest and say, "mine." I know it's technically wrong, but it's so cute! She can say her name, "Zoey," but I'm not sure if she understands what it means yet even though she will answer if you call her. She does know there is a character on Sesame Street named Zoe, though, I hope that doesn't confuse her.

 Talking on her play cell phone. It's one of Daddy's old phones that is beyond beat-up, and that was before Zoey got a hold of it. She has another toy phone that is a "land-line." She'll hold it up to her ear, tilt her head and say, "hello?".....

 Then hand it to you....

 Must have a bad connection....

 Ok, I'm pretty biased but this has to be the most beautiful picture ever, aside from the adorable subject matter.

Zoey started daycare about 2 weeks ago, and while my tummy is in knots every time we approach, I feel calm and happy as soon as we walk through the door. I decided from the get-go that I would only use someone who came recommended, so I put out my feelers and a fellow book-clubber gave me the phone number of a woman named Lisa. As it turned out, Lisa knows my friend Mer, and they both know Rachael. It's a whole Kevin Bacon thing and I couldn't be happier. Right now, Zoey only goes one day a week, but she's had a great time every day since she stated. In February she'll go when I have to work, because in March Rachael is due with our new niece.

Jacob and I have been very busy. To say the end of the year snuck up on us would be an understatement. Last Monday we babysat Rachael's son, Layne, while her and Todd had a date night. All went smoothly, Jacob and I are awesome at handling two children...........Then came bedtime. What is it with kids and not wanting to go to bed?! I know I fought it, but I can't for the life of me remember why.

On Tuesday, Zoey and I went to Mer's house to watch Beauty and the Beast Enchanted Christmas on VHS. It was seriously like being in 6th grade, minus the toddler, but we were all in our pj's. I don't think there was much watching of the movie going on; I couldn't tell you what it was about.

On Wednesday I had my book club meeting, that I brought Rachael to for the first time. And it turns out, she worked at Wells Fargo with pretty much everyone in the group. We had a good time and she said she might come to the meeting next month at Mer's house. But since Todd is usually working somewhere else in the state, that leaves Jacob with watching two children by himself. He did it Wednesday and, of course, everything was awesome.

On Thursday, after work, I had my firm Christmas gathering. We close the office early and go to The Granary for appetizers and drinks, and chat until it's time for people to leave for other work parties, or Christmas pageants. A lot of the attorney-wives were pregnant around the same time I was so there were a lot of small children. Zoey had a good time, but started to throw tantrums when we wouldn't let her go down the stairs.

Yes, she does that now. When she's overtired and not getting her way, she throws a fit. We usually just leave her be and she's over it 15 seconds later.

Thankfully, Friday was an empty day, and this weekend we are free to do what we please. We haven't gotten our Christmas tree yet so I'm hoping we can do that. Zoey and I ran errands early Friday morning, then had the rest of the day to hang around and be cuddly. She hasn't been feeling very well lately - the perils of daycare.

Ok, these are bad pictures, it looks like she's trying to get away from me and...well...she is....but just to go play. And she's really not grimacing in the first picture; just bad camera luck. :-D

She doesn't have much patience for pictures, she just wants to see the "baby!" on the other side of the camera.

Besides daycare, Zoey has been a very busy baby as well:

 This is the Busy Zoo our neighbor gave to Zoey. It was for her grandson but he doesn't use it anymore (I guess she considers the ship has sailed on future grandchildren).

 Zoey can now climb up on all of the furniture by herself. And she loves to point out every chair and door that is around. "Chair!" "Door!"

 She also says "water" but it comes out more like "wah-er."

 Such a future model.....

 Playing with Mommy's [zipped-up] make-up bag.

 Almost Christmas!!

Playing with the gift....ok, more so the wrapping....that Mommy's friend Stephanie got her for Christmas (that stuffed moose). Unfortunately, shortly after these pictures were taken, Zoey vomited The Exorcist-style.

 Nap time with all of her favorite things - "Foofie (the dogs)," "Schute!" and "Bank."

 Bakin' a baby.

Trying to pour herself in to the loaf pan.

 Stephanie also gave me this, along with gingerbread body wash and lotion......

 .....But the only mix in there was for the icing, and I didn't have gingerbread ingredients so I made a giant sugar cookie man. The candy did come with the kit. Somehow I managed to make it look like a creepy ghost snowman thing.

 Mer gave me these measuring spoons! They are wine-theme and have Tablespoon and Teaspoon written out along the handle. I've decided their maiden voyage will be some sort of adult cake......

Friday I oven roasted this chicken. I guess I cooked it upside down?? But it turned out beyond amazing. It was juicier than those Albertson's chickens, and I made a gravy to go along with it (a packet of chicken gravy mixed with the pan drippings, a little flour, and water).

Finally, here is a little teaser of next time: