Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Zoey's First Real Halloween

I don't count last year as being Zoey's first Halloween. She was barely a month old and just laid there like a pile of candy corns, and we shut off the porch light and hid downstairs. This year we had planned to do the same but was invited to go trick-or-treating with my friends Mer and Whitney and their little ones.

In general, Jacob and I don't care too much for Halloween, but we sucked it up in the name of our child. We realize we still had another year or two before she understood the concept and we're forced to partake in the festivities, but we figured this would be fun for Zoey to be outside (as luck would have it, the weather turned the day after Halloween), and be around other children running around, yelling, and having fun. We were right - she had so much fun, constantly telling us, "down now!" i.e she wants to be put down now so she can walk herself. If it hadn't been dark, the streets wet from raining just before trick-or-treating began, and if I'd had one of those nifty leashes disguised as a backpack, she would have been able to run around a little bit more.

My original idea of a costume for Zoey was a potato because one of her many nicknames is Snuggle Potato. But I ran into a few problems: 1) I'm not creative; 2) I don't know how to work a sewing machine and I'm pretty sure it would have been required or I'd have had to start in August; 3) I couldn't think of a way to make it not look like she was dressed up as a turd. So we just went with the 3-sizes-too-big ASU cheerleader uniform I insisted she have when I found out I was having a girl (thank you, Grandma!). Before heading out into the neighborhood, we all met at Mer's house for pizza and something to ease the pain of all of the screaming children for the adults.

 Since it was cold anyway, I put (read: left) her pj's on, then put her ASU sweats on under her skirt.

 An expertly executed cheerleader lift with the help of Daddy.

 Me and my ASU girl. :-)

 She's so hard to wrangle for a good picture these days!

 Ok, picture time with Mom is done, go play. *sigh*

 All of the girls ready to go out and ask for free candy. Wait, that doesn't sound right.....
(Whitney, Zoey, Jules, and Jane the Monkey)

 In the arms of his sister the princess, Superman (Noah) has had better evenings.

There are so many ways this picture is funny. Create your own!

 My Rasta cheerleader baby. :-) Daddy accidentally put her hat in the wrong diaper bag so she had to borrow his instead. At least the colors are sort-of the same, and its heartwarming to watch her carry on the Halloween torch of being too bundled up to really show off your costume.

We didn't go door-to-door but she sure wanted to. We went to a few houses that had extraordinary decorations and the people were nice enough to let Zoey select a piece of candy.

Trick-or-treating was exactly how I had always envisioned is should be - just like out of the television or movies - kids running around the streets, parents converging somewhere in the middle like it was the dog park, making sure to tell their children what our parents told us: "Did you say thank you?" *running back down the walk towards the street* "THANK YOU!" It was a lot of fun and the weather held up nicely, and Zoey ended up with a couple of handfuls of candy (towards the end of the night Whitney's daughter, Jules, asked each house for 2 pieces so she could give one to Zoey).

It makes me look forward to next year when Zoey can participate more, and I finally FINALLY get to experience Halloween like I always wanted: as a spectator.

I hope everyone had a safe and happy Halloween!! And since it is now November, just in case you need a refresher on how pumpkin pie is made.