Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Wordy Word Words

I've asked my mom a few times what my first word was and she's always told me she couldn't really recall. I've always found this slightly offending until I became a mother myself (I've notice a lot of stuff is like that). When babies first start to make noises that aren't crying, it's pretty indiscernible and sounds a lot like all one sound, i.e. dadadadadada was big in our house for awhile (so, yes, I guess you can consider she said "dada" first *pout face*). But then other sounds start to get mixed in there and, as the parent, you are absolutely convinced your 3-month old said "book."

Now that Zoey is over a year old her words are more discernible, and she is more aware of what she is saying as well; she knows what she is saying has actual meaning. For example, she'll hold up her shoe and say, "shoe." Or when she needs a new diaper, she'll just blurt out "diapy!" The problem is, every noise she makes is undeniably adorable so I find my only goal is to be adorable back at her; i.e. baby talk. People say they never do it. Have your own kid and try not to do it, I dare you. For the most part, I speak to her like she's a cognizant, intelligent child, but when she looks up at me and says, "moo moo," it's hard to detour from that; so much so that I've actually said to Jacob, "Did we forget the moo moo?" But I know I have to snap out of it, start teaching her the real words, and stop caving to her cuteness.

Speaking of moo moo.....We have no idea where that came from. The entire time she used a bottle, Jacob and I called it a bottle. She eventually evolved to "ba ba," but when we switched to a sippy cup, I figured it wasn't appropriate to call it any variant of "bottle," so I went with "milk." We've never used "moo moo," so I guess I'm forced to believe (and subsequently tell people) that she popped out of the oven knowing that milk came from cows and that cows go "moo."

Some other words a la Zoey are:

 - diapy (diaper)
 - moo moo (milk)
 - bee (book or blanket, and also Bert from Bert and Ernie, and Big Bird; basically all words that start with B)
 - shoe (shoe)
 - Foof (her stuffed dog)
 - Mo, EhEhEhEhlmo, MeeMo, Elmo (Elmo)
 - down now (she wants to be put down; coincidentally she'll also say this when she wants to be picked up)
 - dego (Diego from Go Diego Go)
 - ball (ball, ironically)
 - hi (hi)
 - bye bye (bye)
 - bee bee (baby)
 - cuckoo (the cuckoo clock in her favorite book Where Is Elmo's Blanket?)
 - coal (cold)
 - mama ( :-) )
 - dada
 - duck (duck)
 - bat (bath)
 - ahchoo (she'll say this to you after you sneeze)
 - na (snack)
 - na na (banana)
 - cook EE (cookie)
 - nummies (Cheerios)
- oh-lies (her baby ravioli)

If she hadn't developed such an extreme love for dogs I probably wouldn't be so sure of her first word. But Jacob and I consider "doggie," "dog," and "dog dog," to be her first coherent, understandable-by-others words. Now she uses their names (although Durbin is just a wee bit harder) and gives them kisses by pursing her lips together and exclaiming, "MUAH!"

It's such a crazy experience being responsible for someone learning something. I felt the same way when I brought Louis home and thought it was hilarious he had no idea of stairs so plowed right into one at the first encounter. You mean they don't just come knowing all of this stuff??

So now it's really time to clean up the potty mouth.