Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Some Randoms

Ok, so I was wrong, we did take a certain amount of pictures this weekend. I just forgot about them because they were taken with an actual camera and not my cell phone. As Zoey has started to move faster, the camera on my phone just can't keep up; it's always a millisecond behind the cuteness, and we just can't have that. The only trouble I've come across is keeping track of two devices since I had enough difficulty keeping track of one.

So, without further ado, the life and times of when we're sick (and some other, random, stuff too):

 To start, this picture was taken awhile ago. It was just before it got cold and we had just gotten home from visiting Daddy at work. Some wind-down time with a book before nap.

 Mommy and Zoey after our 4-hour late-afternoon nap. Whoopsie. I didn't employ the sleep-when-the-baby-sleeps when she was a newborn, but I'm utilizing it now when her sleep is a bit more predictable. On Friday she took a later-than-usual afternoon nap, both of us falling asleep around 4:30pm, and neither of us woke up until 9:45pm. We got up, had some dinner, and we were both back to bed by 11pm. By then Jacob had started to feel yucky. Fortunately, Zoey and I woke up at the usual 7am, bright and cheery (her probably more so than me).

I started Christmas shopping early this year, doing a little bit here and there so its not all of a sudden upon me and blowing my budget. In that box lies a few Christmas presents, a couple for her. I think she understands the concept because she always coyly reaches for it.

 Camera in hand, I thought it was cute Louis was playing with an old toy of his from last year - a used-to-be-stuffed Christmas tree.

 He is quite the handsome boy. Durbin - what Louis is looking at - gradually got more worked up as I paid more attention to Louis, it didn't matter that I wasn't in any sort of physical contact with Louis.  So then I just started joking around with Louis, telling him how handsome he is.......

 Durbin started to cry, so this is what followed.....

 Louis then got worked up that while I was cooing at him, Durbin was the one getting the actual attention.......

These pictures are misleading; Louis looks scary but he's loving up on Jacob like you wouldn't believe.

 Monday night, we were feeling better. Jacob wasn't so he stayed home from work, and, as you can see from the stack of laundry on top of the couch, very busy. Sick or not, we always get in a good evening cuddle. P.S. She is holding Baby Merlin's Magic Sleepsuit. Once she grew out of wearing it, she never goes anywhere without it.

Snuggling with her makes everything else go away.

Random sidebar: I just happened to discover my post on Zoey giving up her Sleepsuit is on page 1 of Google.