Tuesday, November 15, 2011

The Sickies

This last weekend wasn't a good one for us. It was still a relatively normal weekend; we hung around the house and did house-things, but we all happened to be sick doing them.

I started to not feel good the beginning of last week. But it was just a head-cold, so while I felt like my head was twice its size, I generally felt ok. And I still had my appetite, but eating was difficult since I couldn't breath through my nose; eating a sandwich felt like running a marathon.

By, Thursday afternoon, though, my boss sent me home, and at the same time, Rachael sent me a text that Zoey had a fever and runny nose. So our knight in shining wallet-chain told his work he had to leave because both of his girls were sick. *swoon* Then he stayed home from work on Friday to take care of us. *double swoon* The only unfortunate part was that by Saturday he was feeling sicker than Zoey and I.

Zoey and I were feeling good, just a couple of runny, red noses and a lot of snorting. So we hung out together and did house-things. Unfortunately, though, since we were all still relatively sick, we had to forgo any plans we may have had, one in particular I was especially disappointed about.

My good friend, and former coworker, Pam, was throwing a party for her husband - a birthday-slash-"here's to kicking cancer's ass" party. A year ago he was diagnosed with a very severe type of brain cancer, one in which the doctor tells you to simply get comfortable. Of course no one actually does this, and so began the experimental treatments at Duke and new cancer center in Billings. He definitely surpassed expectations and had been receiving clean bills of health for the last few months. Even still, a person with any sort of contagious virus is viewed like the plague to someone battling cancer. Since their immune systems are drastically disabled, the common cold can have catastrophic consequences, so we decided not to close the 10-mile cap between the sickly McIntyres and them.

But last week, they found another tumor, this time with finger-like appendages that were essentially wrapping around his brain. His oncologist gave him 2-8 weeks. Not even 7 days later, and 3 days after celebrating his 51st birthday, he breathed his last breath. I feel absolute terrible for her, and that I couldn't be there for her at his last birthday party. But I'm hoping to see her and bring her some baked goods later in the week.

Since we didn't do much, we didn't take many pictures. This pretty much sums up our weekend:

You may not really be wondering, but this is Durbin's dog bed. He used it right up until he figured out a sofa is good for the same thing, only it comes with an element of danger. But it's all clean and ready for him, should he decide to use it. Otherwise, it's a comfy place for Zoey to look at Mommy's books (which she loves to do), and sometimes I'll joke around with her and fold up the sides to make Taco Baby.

All three of us are feeling better, Jacob and I more so than Zoey simply because we can blow our nose. But it hasn't altered her personality, she is still the bright shiny baby she always is, and maybe it means some more teeth are coming in too.

I'm glad we got being sick over with (knock on wood), especially as the temperatures dip into the teens this weekend.....DUN DUN DUN!