Tuesday, November 8, 2011

It's Winter

It was inevitable. The first snow. The sun went down on Friday on a beautiful, sunny, fall day, then - BAM! - it was frigid winter where you have to warm up your car in the morning, scrape off the windshield, and constantly watch out for that ice patch (I almost ate some serious shit coming out of my office building last night; the first of many this season, I'm sure).

To say this year flew by would be the understatement of the century. Back in August I complained that 8 months in and 2011 should have it's shit together, now here we are and it's almost over. But you don't want to hear me (read) wax poetic about the passage of time, and that will most likely happen next month anyways. Well, with or without calendars, all we have to do is look within our own family to be privy to the evolution of time. For example, Zoey was barely aware of the world during her last first snow. This time, she stuck her little toes in the snow, marking her place in this world.

It wasn't just a piddly, little first snow, either. I expected to wake up Saturday morning to a fresh comforter of snow (one of the best experiences, especially if you aren't required to actually go out in it), but it didn't start snowing until shortly after 8am, and didn't stop until after 8pm. In the end, we got a few inches of that wet spring snow that ices over really quickly.

 Meanwhile, I talked to my parents who were in San Deigo. Jerks.

This was taken on Sunday. Just like in Colorado, the day after a snow there isn't a cloud in sight.

I found this to be an excellent opportunity to do some baking. Well, really, when isn't a good time? For some reason, I thought it was a good idea to buy a container of kiwis from Costco, sort of like how I thought buying an entire watermelon would be a good idea. In short, it wasn't; so I decided to try my hand at strawberry kiwi muffins with streusel topping. Just an FYI: I still have too many kiwis so I take one as part of my lunch every day.

Another FYI: my muffins turned out amazing.

Besides an extreme lack of desire to go outside, the snow didn't really alter our weekend activities that much. Before the snow rolled in on Friday, I took the dogs back to dog park where they are in heaven; Louis just runs and runs, while Durbin sniffs and pees on every inch of the place. Zoey loves it too, walking and running everywhere, but getting royally pissed when I won't let her walk through the rocks and brambles. And she, of course, loves when the dogs run by and give her a quick lick.

 Back at home, Zoey spent some time with her books. I love that they never get old for her, but that doesn't mean I'll stop getting her new ones.

 Zoey is relatively indifferent to being on Jacob and I's bed. It's comfy and cozy, and at the perfect height for Go Diego Go viewing, but I think she otherwise sees it as an impingement to exploring her world. She discovered awhile back how high our bed is off the ground so now she doesn't really like to be up there, and always "asks" to be helped down (by ask I mean whine and fuss while on her belly with her legs hanging off the edge). (P.S. Please pardon the messy closet and surroundings)

I also made chocolate chip cookies, then called it a day after tacos for dinner. Here is Zoey, trying her first chocolate chip cookie. Would you believe, she was not a fan. No wonder she refused to let me eat sweets when I was pregnant with her. What is also interesting: Zoey loves her veggie baby cheetos so we figured she would like the cinnamon maple kind as well. I mean, who doesn't like cinnamon and maple? Zoey, apparently. So much so that when I gave her veggie cheetos later in the day she was very hesitant with the first one.

I know you think I don't work and all I do is bake. I do work and here is proof (via my cube decorations):

 I like to decorate my cube; I think I was a kindergarten teacher in a previous life. Everyone always complains how Thanksgiving gets the bum's rush; as soon as Halloween is over, you're bombarded with Christmas. And it's totally true, I can't believe all of the Christmas commercials. And Wheel of Fortune was Christmas-themed tonight! I found this build-a-turkey in the dollar section at Target, along with some gel window clings and fall-esque stickers. How could anyone forget about Thanksgiving? All you can eat potatoes all day, in any form your potato-shaped-heart desires!

I am so OCD, I have two calendars hanging side-by-side in my cube. No, I am not joking. In my defense, one is a shoe calendar, and the other is a cake calendar, which originated from one of my favorite websites, Cakewrecks, wherein Bakers commit crimes against cake decorating. The above are cakes to celebrate Thanksgiving. Or poop. Everyone has their thing....

I know I am just so cool and awesome, don't you just wanna be me?

By the end of the week/weekend, this was pretty much how it was: