Saturday, November 26, 2011

Being Thankful

Thanksgiving has always been my favorite holiday - potatoes as far as they eye can see, heck yeah! It was a little lonesome, though, watching the Macy's parade just me and Zoey while Jacob worked, and there not being the smells or noises emanating from the kitchen that marked each Thanksgiving when I was growing up. I made green bean casserole for our dinner with Jacob's parents later in the day, as well as broccoli salad of my own concoction (broccoli, red, orange, and yellow peppers, kiwi, celery, raisins, and dressed it with mayo, sugar, and vinegar). Both turned out to be a hit. It was a good day, but a stark contrast to what I picture, so made me just a wee bit sad.

What helped make the holiday awesome was all of the time I had off from work. Tuesday was my Friday, leaving me 5 days to pretend I'm an actual stay-at-home-mom. On Wednesday, we stupidly went to the grocery store but it was necessary - we always need milk. We went to Costco because we can get 2 gallons for a little over $4.00 (cannot even believe I was paying almost $4.00 for just one!), but then went to the Target by our house - which is under-crowded by normal standards - for green bean casserole ingredients and baby food.

Already excited for those fried onions! Her dinner actually was Thanksgiving dinner, eating turkey, ham, potatoes, green beans, stuffing (didn't care for it), and sweet potato.

Otherwise, we just hung around and conducted business as usual. And I'm just going to post all of these pictures because I think they're all awesome:

 She dragged this gigantic bear from her room to the living room all by herself, grunting the entire way but she was determined.

 Totally worth it, I guess....

 Her favorite thing to do - regardless of rampant discouragement from Jacob and I - is to cover herself with her blanket and run around the house.

 She thinks it's hilarious. And has only cried once from crashing into something. 

Later in the afternoon, Zoey went into my closet and pulled out each shoe one at a time, holding each one up and declaring "shoe!" She even knew the difference, holding up my boots and shouting, "boot!" I didn't even have to teach her that, how proud am I?!

Jacob got home from work on Thanksgiving (yup, work. TV never sleeps) around 1:45pm, and Zoey was in the middle of napping so we weren't on our way to Columbus until almost 3pm. The dogs are always so excited to go but then are inevitably crying to go home 20 minutes later. I don't know whose idea it was, but they opened the window so Durbin and Louis could be partially included in the action (they're welcome in the house but it just becomes entirely too much, especially since Jacob's grandparents were in town for the holiday).

 Durbin keeping an eye on things.

Louis checking things out. I'm sure the smells didn't help to send them outside and play; they just camped on the porch.

 Zoey and Durby sayin' hello. That is a toy in her hand, not a piece of food, FYI.

 Layne and Zoey essentially teasing the dogs, but saying hello to them at the same time.

 Layne saw that I was taking pictures and wanted a picture of himself. So I said, "Ok, let me take a picture of you." And this is what he did.

We got home shortly after 8pm and there were people lined up at our neighborhood Target. I foolishly thought stores opening at midnight would be a bust. Sure, everyone would have excellent intentions at going, but once the tryptophan kicked in, it might be a different story (but I guess that is a myth now...). From what I understand, it was quite the war-zone. I had zero intentions of going anywhere on Black Friday at any time during the day. And just to make sure I didn't cave to any weak moments, Jacob took the Jeep to work. Even still, we managed a pretty cool score.

A friend of Jacob's braved the Black Friday madness to pick up a new television. He was just looking to be rid of his 48" projection screen television so gave it to us. It is awesome, and quite the experience. We are beyond thankful that we have such generous people in our lives (a friend of mine gave me her washer and dryer on a different, un-related occasion). We'll probably be vision impaired in a few months. But, oddly enough, it makes the living room more spacious because we had to push the couch back. Zoey has more area to play AKA spread her toys out.

Growing up, we didn't wait much past Thanksgiving dinner before heading out in search of our tree. For the longest time it came from our backyard, always looking a lot more plump next to its brothers and sisters. Jacob and I talked about going up to the mountains for our tree - my friend and her husband go up to Red Lodge every year to hike and find a tree. Even still, Jacob and I have already started to slack in the Christmas decorating department.

I have a serious problem when it comes to those dollar bins at Target. My latest obsession is window gel clings, and they have a few different designs for Christmas (it's not all evil, I've found a lot of Zoey's favorite books in there as well). Zoey put these up herself. Well, by herself I mean, I let her select a gel cling from the plastic, lifted her up to the window and she put it where she wanted it. That explains the very Wizard of Oz-esque Christmas scene we have going. You're also looking at a landmark: the piece of brand new fence put in place after Louis burst through it and killed the neighbor's cat in front of their children.

Our Thanksgiving weekend was all that is should be. We were with family (although it makes me wish I could be with my own family), had amazing food, and a lot of time off to enjoy both. Thanksgiving is a day to the thankful, but we should be every day. We're thankful for our Zo Zo, our family, friends, travels, experiences, love, laughter, our jobs, our health, and the fact that the sun still comes up every day. And thankful that it's Christmas time again! :-)