Monday, October 10, 2011

Weekend As it Happens

Jacob, Zoey, and I had a fantastic weekend. To start, I was home with Zoey on Friday. Words cannot even describe how much I love being home with Zoey, especially now that she is getting bigger, more independent, and communicative. She is officially done with crawling, formula, baby bottles, and pureed food (well, not completely on that one since she, technically, still has to eat it). She walks everywhere, "no" is her favorite word, chugs milk like her father, loves "adult" food, and - best/worst of all - she's starting to grow into a person. I happily put the bottles away, gleeful that I no longer had to wash 12 different microscopic pieces of plastic three times a day; but also bittersweet because Zoey is not a baby anymore.

 Daddy found these awesome Sippy Cups for Zoey, with none other than Elmo on them. She's already a big fan of Elmo, referring to him as "Mo." (Unfortunately, though, Hokey Pokey Elmo has been rendered disabled so we can't really play with him anymore)

 Ok, she is sitting in a newborn baby bouncy seat, but she's wearing toddler clothes and drinking milk out of a toddler cup, so it all evens out. Maybe it's my subconscious way of keeping her a baby for a little while longer.
As an avid book-lover, it naturally warms my heart to see Zoey loving her books so much as well. So on Friday I decided she should have her own shelf in the living room (also satisfying certain OCD needs I have). She'll sometimes forget they're over there, but she does notice them, and when she does, she camps out for awhile, making sure to surround herself in all of her books.

 Here we are, again, trying to find Elmo's blanket.

Maybe if I get in the book, it will help.

With Zoey always changing - no, it has absolutely nothing to do with the fact that she is our first born, we think every toy is fabulous, and just want to spoil her rotten - the many toys she has acquired has slowly begun to take over our home. We were keeping them in her Pack n' Play but it soon became obvious it was serving no other purpose than taking up a huge amount of space in our living room. So on of our many excursions to Target, I decided to look for something relatively cute, but largely inexpensive, to store Zoey's toys in. I found a giant purple plastic bucket that I thought for sure was too big. Nope.

She really enjoys walking up to, then taking stuff out of, her toy bin. It gives her a sense of independence since she's doing everything on her own - walking to the bin, digging through until she decides what she wants, then taking it out and playing with it. I've even witnessed her put something back when she was done but I'm pretty sure that was just luck.

We didn't do much baby-proofing in the sense of buying adult-proof gadgets from the hardware store; we just put away everything that wasn't baby-friendly, and surrounded the house in pillows and stuffed animals. So when Zoey wants to wander around the baby-accessible areas of the house (we close off bedrooms towards the end of the day since it can get too exhausting), she can do so unfettered. On Friday evening, she decided to pick through her diaper bag and chill in her baby sunglasses.

 Hey, there, Cool Baby!

Saturday morning I had a spa-date with my friend, Mer, the second of a series, at the Sandalwood Day Spa & Salon. As usual, it was amazing, I never wanted to leave (they allow you to hang out in the jacuzzi tub or relaxation room for as long as you want!), and not too shabby a way to start a fall weekend. Even better, when I got home, Jacob had cleaned the kitchen and had started to wash our bedding (something we hate and usually takes all day).

We spent the bulk of the weekend around the house, cleaning, organizing, cooking, eating, sleeping, reading and playing (a variety of different games for everyone). Since we no longer have channels that go beyond 20, we find we don't watch it as much, and are much more entertained by the situation comedies the networks produce each year. We love The Office, Up All Night, Whitney, The X-Factory (ok, that's just me), and The New Girl when we can catch it. We're so the normal, suburbanites, it makes me sick. :-) But maybe that is why I've gotten back into reading again, nothing else I really fee like doing (sorry, getting a little turgid, there).

Things are plodding along as usual, inching us closer to the first now. With it fast-approaching (I heard Colorado got a good amount), I'm even more thankful with the evolution of things, mainly that there will be days I won't have to drive anywhere. Here's hoping all of the major storms happen on Wednesdays and Fridays. :-D