Saturday, October 15, 2011

Snacky Snack

Yes, that's right, a post dedicated complete to Zoey's snack time. I have been completely fascinated with Zoey being able to feed herself since she figured out how. The thing is, she won't feed herself unless she absolutely has to. If you hold out a piece of food, she'll often just stand there with her mouth open waiting for you to plop it in. We've started feeding her Gerber's baby ravioli for dinner - which she loves - but can't manage to pick up and hold on to, so we sill help her with those. Everything else, though, she is on her own.

In the morning, after a full cup of milk (no more baby bottles!! WOOO!! Even more exciting, NO MORE FORMULA!), I'll give her a bowl of cheerios on the coffee table even though I know what is going to happen. She eats a few, then dumps the entire bowl on the floor, then eats them off the floor, coming back to the scene of the crime in between playing with things. We have the dogs whipped into shape enough so that even if their within a 100-mile radius, they won't come charging up and eat the cheerios off the floor until we've given them the go-ahead. But with her Gerber's baby cheetos, it's a completely different story.

I think it was her veggie puffs that mostly encouraged Zoey's self-feeding accomplishment; she loves those things, could eat them all day, and usually shoves 10 in her mouth at one time. She's on a relatively loose regular feeding schedule, meaning she eats breakfast, lunch, and dinner - and their corresponding foods - at the general time as the rest of the population. So between lunch and dinner, I'll put a bowl of baby cheetos on the coffee table for snack time. She will delicately and expertly reach over and into her bowl, select a puff, and put it in her mouth; there is no dumping of the bowl whatsoever.

 Really contemplating the answer on Who Wants to be a Millionaire?.


And now a bunch of pictures of her just standing there, smiling at me. :-)

 Washin' down those puffs with some milk. I have to say, I am really enjoying this whole self-feeding thing.

Strikin' a pose with the puff. (P.S. Mom, she LOVES those shoes. I took them off and put them on the floor once to changer her diaper and when I put her back on the floor, she tried to put them on herself)

After snack, it was time for baby yoga!

 The diaper peaking out of the top of the pants is totally my favorite look for fall.

Some quality snuggle time with her teddy bear that is still bigger than she is.

She also helped me with the laundry. Her job is to keep it nice and warm from the dryer to the living room.

Yesterday was a busy day so we didn't have time for usual snack time; we had it while Mommy and Daddy ate lunch at Daddy's work. Since Jacob still needs to work on the Honda - which he swears will be finished next week - I dropped him off at work so I could run errands.

Zoey helped me pick out Cousin Layne's birthday presents. He turns 4 years old today so we're going to Columbus to celebrate. I'm totally his lame Aunt who got him a game and a puzzle - instead of a toy - for his birthday.

Zoey got a few things too, a couple of them being these Little People cars. I held each design out for her, including all of the men, their tractors, trucks, police cars, etc., and she chose what she wanted: the two pink race cars. Since she loves everything, she's easy and cheap to shop for; those cars, at $2.99 each, were the most expensive thing I bought her.

 And if it's not a lesson of what-goes-around-comes-around, Zoey got a birthday gift from Jacob's coworker and his family, who have a little girl only a few months older than Zoey. She looks like she's wearing a pink lobster costume but it's a snuggly hat and mitten set.

 Of course, we love the wrapping way more.

When we weren't running around yesterday, Zoey had some time to spend with the things she loves at home, one of which being her book, Where is Elmo's Blanket?

 I can't believe I used to swaddle, then rock her to sleep in this chair.

All babies love a good ceiling fan.
On our way out of town early this afternoon, I'll need to grab some more baby cheetos. Here's to a snack-filled weekend!