Thursday, October 27, 2011

The Park

Last weekend really was the last weekend of nice weather (not chilly and windy) so Jacob and I took Zoey to the park around the corner from our house. She gets more active by the day, and I read on that the park is one of the best places for toddlers because they can explore (relatively) at their whim.

Unrelated, but also related, Zoey is getting increasingly hard to take a picture of, so video has become my default medium. I know, aren't you just so disappointed? Following my mom's instructions, I tried to get in one of the videos. But as I watched Jacob slowly turn the camera to the side (not knowing that the final product was now going to be tilted to the side instead of right-side-up) I conceded that there will never be a nice picture or video of Zoey and I. Now I know how my mother feels who always manages to be blinking in one eye during the "important" pictures. At least I have the memories!

Of course, I had to have some stills; what else would I put as my computer background?

When we weren't investigating the world, things were business as usual back at home.

 Giving some snuggles to her books.

 She seemed to really be going after something, so I plopped her in there.

 She minded terribly. :-)

 The all-important snack time. Since I am her mother, I've determined that it's still ok for me to be slightly obsessed with her being able to feed herself. Who am I kidding, everything she does is awesome.

I read on that "[age] 1 is the new [age] 2," in regards to mood swings, and the general beginnings of a developing personality. We've begun to see her "testing" us, grabbing for things she knows she's not supposed to touch with a bratty look in her eye, then giving us the mother of all pout-faces when we tell her she can't do something (so far, this is mainly when she's tired). On Sunday, she was in a crabby, whiny mood, and it was bath night anyway, so I plopped her in the tub to "reset" her. It works. And, as biology would have it, she was a little backed-up so the warm bath helped with that. too.
 It had to happen sometime - she pooped in the tub. So we had to drain the tub, then it was time for a new bath. In the meantime, of course, she peed all over the floor.

Her new thing is pointing at everything, we only wish we could understand what she's saying. Maybe she's pointing at one of her poop nuggets.

Jacob and Louis - yes, Louis - snuggling. He very rarely lets anyone snuggle, much less pet, him unless he's in the "proper" mood (i.e. not distracted by something for a millisecond). I should note, he does NOT allow me to do this.

I've stopped trying to get everything in the house done when I'm home. Even though I am home more, that just means I'm living in the house more, thus making it continuously dirty. So we just clean as we go, or when the dog hair becomes unbearable which is pretty much every weekend anyway. With the Honda fixed and an actual working vehicle (registered and everything!) the garage is now a hospitable place to store the Jeep, but there are still mounds of crap, a couple of bins being stuff I want to eventually donate. Except, here's the thing: I weighed a certain amount when I moved to Florida. During the year and a half I lived there I put on about 10 pounds, thus all of my pre-Florida clothes didn't fit. Well, they do now!! I was thinking in particular about a pair of khaki pants that left button impressions on my stomach; now I look like I belong in a Slim Fast commercial. Ok, so those (and all of the other pants) didn't work, but I was able to salvage some things that aren't completely out-dated.

My stack of "new" clothes.
Jacob was busy doing his own thing but gradually got involved as I starting trying things on in front of him. At one point, he faced away from his computer and started digging through the bin and laying things out for me to try on. I don't remember what top I had on but he looked at me and said, "That looks nice, baby, it will go nice with one of your pencil skirts." I looked at him, mouth agape, and said, "How do you know that's what those are called?" He said, "Oh come on, all of those times I watched Fashion Police with you, something sunk in." I supposed that was true since - thanks to Top Gear (UK) - I now know what a piece of crap the Chevy Corvette really is.

We took the dogs to the dog park too, of which I wanted at least pictures of, but that was just entirely too complicated. Louis loves dog parks, a veteran from growing up in the city. Durbin was a bit confused but enjoyed himself IMMENSELY. He had a one-track mind - his nose. Zoey had a ball surrounded by all of those puppies, and even met a couple of other toddlers. I'm hoping to take the dogs back this weekend; we figure it will be a good place to go when it snows, especially for Durbin, so they can run around and get exercise.

This weekend we'll be baby-free as Zoey spends the night with her grandparents in Columbus. We're not entirely sure what the details are, but they will collect her on Friday or Saturday, then we'll go up on Sunday to celebrate Rachael (Jacob's sisters) and Todd's birthdays (Rachael's fiance and soon-to-be daddy of a bouncing baby girl).
It got colder this week and we experienced our first frost. I keep waiting for the first snow, crossing my fingers I'll get to stay home that day. :-) Until then, we'll just keep heading to the park (and probably afterward depending on the super cute winter play clothes we'll undoubtedly receive because they're just too darn cute).