Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Layne's Wheel-Er-Iffic Birthday

As any boy turning 4-years old does, Rachael's son, Layne, had a birthday party. A few years shy of inviting a bunch of goobers from school, it was a family celebration in Columbus that was - what else? - car-themed. It was predetermined at birth that he would love cars, but he happened to reach that becoming-more-aware stage when Cars and Cars 2 came out so he is literally obsessed (he took a breather from Cars when Toy Story 3 happened). But he is also getting older and displays a wide variety of interests that sometimes lead him to Zoey's toys; he is a very well-rounded individual. In short, he had a good birthday, and we had fun celebrating with him.

 Layne on his new battery operated 4-wheeler that his parents got him.

 I said, "Layne, I want to take a picture of you and your 4-wheeler," and this is what he did.

The rest of these are all poses; he is such a ham-bone:

 We put Zoey's shoes on and out into the world she went.

 She loved it and started taking off down the hill. We, of course, stopped her since she has a little while before she's done tripping over her own feet.

 Off into the big, bad world. :-(

Lata, Mom! Peace!

But, of course, Jacob and I snatched her up and refused to let her go. I like that we can still do that.

 My first baby - back there - (Louis) is always around my ankles, and more so than usual lately.

 I'm probably talking to Louis.

 ASU happened to kick ass that evening. Unfortunately, it didn't last the entire game and they gave it up like a drunk girl on prom night.

 Daddy trying to zip her up in his sweatshirt.

She just wanted to explore the world some more.

Back inside it was time for cake.

 Layne with his mom and dad, Todd and Rachael. They have baby number 2 in the oven (a girl!!) so I get to be an Auntie from scratch!

 Is this not the greatest homemade cake you've ever seen?! Rachael and her mom put it together for Layne using a general car mold, icing, a giant picture of Lightning McQueen, and a shit-load of creativity. Jacob and I watched in awe the entire time, and they tried to get me involved but I wasn't really trying. Jacob and I concluded that we have at least a year before Zoey starts realizing it's her birthday and we need to go all-out on the princess cake, so we'll enjoy this break while we can.

Observing the cake ceremonies. Hey, didn't we do this a couple of weekends ago, only everyone was paying attention to me? And on Halloween weekend we'll be back celebrating more birthdays - Todd and Rachael's. Everyone but Jacob was born in the fall.

The cake was amazing, FunFetti with cherry frosting. So, naturally, we all had a bit of a sugar high we needed to work off. Zoey did it by clomping around in her grandmother's slippers. She was in her room and stepped into them herself, then walked into the living room.

 She loved them, but I think her legs eventually got tired.

With everything going on, Zoey didn't really take an afternoon nap (and she's getting to the age where she's fighting it, anyways), so once we calmed down, we headed for home.

On Sunday, the dogs, Jacob, Zoey, and I didn't do much. My favorite thing about going up to Columbus is that the dogs are worn out for about a week (and Jacob's parents have started brewing their own beer). Jacob finished the Honda so it will be registered today and we'll officially become a 2-car family. I haven't driven in so long, I hope I remember how. This evening is my book club meeting, after a day of snuggling Zoey. Last night I had her laughing so hard, she chocked on her drool and got the hiccups.

(In case you were wondering, Layne loved the Lightening McQueen hologram puzzle, and Cooties board game I got him. :-))