Friday, October 14, 2011

Lack of Padding Update

Since I had found the story on the internet, I was very interested in ATV Man's prognosis. But after 6:25am following more, there were no additional updates. So I posted a comment at the end of the story asking if anyone knew how he was, if he was still alive, and, if so, what was happening.

ATV Man's step daughter was the one who ended up responding. She said he was still in critical condition, but that he is still alive. Unfortunately, only comatose. She did say that he was showing signs of improvement, exhibiting signs of recognition, and might be close to coming around; and that the longer he is alive, the more optimistic the doctor's are. They think he blacked out, which would explain why he didn't make any attempt whatsoever to slow down once he left the road, and why he hit such a relatively obscure part of the house.

I hope he really is ok, that his injuries aren't too extensive, and he's able to relatively return to the life he used to lead. I absolutely hate the thought that things can change in only an instant, but it's the complete truth. *shudder* I suppose I could think of that in a positive way; so maybe I will get discovered by a modeling agency while standing in line at the grocery store after all.