Tuesday, October 4, 2011

It's Fall

You know fall has arrived when you can't walk to the bathroom without shocking the shit out of yourself on the doorknob. And there is a lot more deer blood on the interstate (although the same is true for the beginning of summer). It looks like fall, and we're acting like it's fall (i.e. turning the heat on in the morning) but thanks to continued 80-90-degree temperatures, it still doesn't feel like fall. I am, thankful, however that if temperatures insist on staying warm, it is during "fall sun." I'm a sun-worshiper from way back, thanks to my mother, and I'm pretty sure Zoey is too. To me, the sun and it's position in the sky look different at the start of each season. But I could just be projecting my over-noticing skills from recognizing when someone got a haircut to theorizing the position of the sun. I should just stick to noticing when someone gets a new pair of shoes.

Zoey is getting bigger by the second and she's no longer a baby (we swapped out the infant car seat for one she'll use until she doesn't need it anymore. *SOB!*) so it's getting closer to no longer being socially acceptable to just put her in a onesie. With it being hot, though, it's still sort-of necessary. But, of course, if she has cute (new!) clothes in her dresser who am I to deny them drool, baby food, crumbs, and dog hair?

 She saw I had the camera, did this, and stayed like this until the picture was taken. You can't say she doesn't know she's cute!

One of our new birthday outfits!

 Making sure Teddy is strapped safely into Zoey's bouncy chair. Jacob bought that bear one day when we randomly drove up to Red Lodge while I was still pregnant. The only time he allowed me to hold it was so he could re-situate other things he was holding. Zoey loves it.

Even more, she loves destroying what others have built with her new Lego blocks.

For the last 4 weekends, I've surmised that it will be the last hot weekend of the year, and wrongly so, obviously. With the weather projected to be in the 50's as this week winds down (and people already talking of freezing at outdoor sporting events, and breaking out the cashmere sweaters), I took myself seriously this last weekend. So Zoey and I visited the park around the corner, thinking I should have done it before it got cold. But, after her apparent lack of playground enthusiasm, I changed my mind. She loves being outside but loves to explore the ground more than anything else; grass, dirt, pebbles, sticks, leaves, etc. Watching her, I had a fleeting thought of her as some biologist, or botanist, or geographer, etc. Well, she is a genius, we've already established that.....

 She loves the feel of new textures on her feet.

 So much so that she has to sit down and really get down to inspecting.

 She would have been content playing in the dirt - which I was fine with - but I made her try some of the playground equipment. Clearly, I was way more excited than she was, but she was nice enough to at least indulge her dork of a mother. 

When I pushed her on the swing, she did bust out a smile.

 Otherwise, she just sort-of hung there and was content with that.

 Ugh! Ok, fine, Mom, I'll smile! Then will you quit taking pictures?!

She did like this thing but got a little frustrated when she realized it was too high up for her to get on and off by herself. She loved making it move, though.

 Ultimately, it was the ground that held her attention.

A weekend just wouldn't be a weekend without a trip to Target for supplies. I think God purposely helped us find a place to live that was right around the corner from one. We went down the toy aisle just to find Zoey a small something-or-other (I know, famous last words). We found a lot of neat things that would have emptied our bank account in a matter of seconds, but Zoey picked out exactly what she wanted (and it wasn't of the bank-emptying variety); what is called Learning Lantern, very appropriate for our outdoors/good-bye-to-summer weekend. She loves it and takes it into her crib during bed and nap time since it has a night setting. That handy toy has greatly reduced the amount of fussing that happens before a nap.

I did a lot of nothing besides have a doggy play-date with Mer on Saturday and read my book. It was the first time in many years that I started a book on Friday and had it finished by Sunday. Zoey loves books too, spending the morning going through all of the ones she has in the living room, and sometimes fussing at me until I pick her up on the couch and read whatever one she has picked out. So, sometimes, we'll just spend the morning with our books.

Jacob spent more time working on the Honda but that just means its getting closer. The hardest part, I think, is finding the time. Like me with my books, he used to be able to spend an entire weekend working on a car until he had it perfect (including all night). Even though times change, it's nice to know we still make time for the things we love and include each other in them.

I can't believe it's October. Then again, I can't believe it is any month we move into.