Monday, October 31, 2011

The Days of Our Life

(Sorry for the title, I happen to be in the middle of catching up on DOOL)
Just some random pictures and videos of our days.

 Helping Mommy with the laundry.

 And by helping me I mean distracting me with her cuteness.

 Scarfing down some turkey, mashed potatoes, and gravy with carrots for lunch.

While I made cookies; I'm such a June Cleaver. I actually baked a lot that day - sugar cookies, chicken, and oatmeal muffins.

 Rockin' out to Kelly Clarkson on The View.

 Instead of just sucking on them, or banging them together, Zoey has evolved to actually building things. In fact, if you sit down to play with the blocks, she'll build something with you.

 Can you say, baby model? Zoey is modeling the latest fashions in vintage Florida House of Representatives lanyards, courtesy of [one of] our Godfather[s]. 

 Don't hate me because I'm beautiful.

 Enjoying a Popsicle at Grandma's house.

 Sometimes she feels the same size to me as when we brought her home. Then I see pictures like this and am shocked at how big she actually is. And - holy man! - those legs!!

 There are 2 deer camped under the tree in our front yard. I've noticed that our street is quite popular for lounging deer.

 A couple of cool babies in their cool shades on our way to the park.

She was obsessed with my sunglasses, and not too bothered by her's. I'm doing my patented crab-wave because if I wave like normal my way-too-big wedding rings fly off.

 She loves to sit in my office chair. A lot of the times we'll make it spin around, or push her around a little in it, but she's content just sitting there watching Go Diego Go sometimes too.

 I'm proud to admit she inherited my Billie-Lips. 

 Toodling around the house eating macaroni and cheese for lunch. She starts off in the highchair but then starts taking forever to eat. Seriously, what is with kids and hoarding food in their cheeks? I've done it, Jacob did it, now Zoey does it, but I don't think I could ever answer why. Maybe as a child it was the only way I had figured to outsmart my parents.

Post lunch Durby pet. They are so cute. Durbin loves holding still for her, but you can tell he has some serious ants in his pants about her being able to give him full on cuddles. Louis is a little more aloof but when she does pet him, he just drowns her in kisses so she is never able to get to him.

 We went to Costco on Sunday (with the weather getting cold, I totally feel like we're - to use the term my dad eloquently uses - hunkering down for the winter), and to occupy Zoey while we stuffed food in every corner of the house we gave her one of the boxes.

 She started to fuss but refused to get out of the box to walk to the coffee table for her snack. So I moved her box closer to the coffee table. Hey, happy baby means happy mommy.

I didn't realize it, but all three of us were representing ASU at the Billings Costco. She wore this shirt, I had on a sweatshirt, and Jacob wore his baseball cap. No one realized, actually, until the Costco check-out boy.

My mom will appreciate this, Zoey clomping around in my shoes (I won't admit to your face that I own Birkenstock knock-offs). We have video of this with me making a cameo but it was too big of a file to post. Oh well!

We had a busy but fun weekend. Zoey went to her grandparent's house on Friday night even though she wasn't feeling well. But it was only a fever and a rash, figuring it was teething. The change of scenery seemed to do her good as she was perfectly content when she arrived at their house, slept for nearly 12 hours, and was back to her usual chipper self on Saturday. I must have had sympathy pains because I did not feel up to doing anything with our baby-free evening, even though I wanted us to finally use the Jake's gift card we received last Christmas. I think we even went to bed shortly after 10pm. But we slept in until almost 9am and had a nice day. We gorged ourselves at IHop then treated ourselves to some new sock and underwear. Aren't we classy. Jacob drove me around in the Honda, it was like we were dating again (or dating period since we sort-of glossed over that part of our relationship).

We had a nice time in Columbus, once again gorging ourselves on food (not like it matters since I have yet to gain any weight, and Jacob apparently lost a couple of pounds. And this was post-IHop, pre-bathroom!). They ordered pizza and Jacob's mom made a triple layer white cake with raspberry filling and cream cheese frosting. Jacob and I decided we must have a tape-worm not to gain weight after that.
Sunday we went to Costco which is always a joy. I know most already wonder how a schlep like me wound up with Jacob, but he really is fantastic. He follows me around the store with the giant Costco cart while I push Zoey in the stroller and point to everything we need, and then he expertly stacks it in the cart like a game of Tetris. He does the same when it's time to load it in the car as well. We should be set for awhile and now would be the time for anyone to come visit! :-)

So, now, life just continues to happen....