Thursday, September 29, 2011

My *SNIFF* Toddler

According to things I've read, babies make the transition to toddlerhood at differing points: a) when they begin to try to walk; and 2) when they turn 1 year old. Well, Zoey is on to both of those so I guess there is no escaping it any longer - Zoey is a toddler!! To only further my sadness, I gave her 1/2 cow's milk with 1/2 formula this morning and she either liked it or didn't notice because her bottle was gone in seconds. That's another thing, kissing goodbye to the bottle. Zoey is ready, I'm just not sure I am. :-(

So far, she is having fun being a toddler, while I'm just busy chasing her around with the camera; taking pictures has become increasingly difficult as she gets more comfortable tooling around on her turkey legs.

Figuring out the new blocks from her Grandparents.

 Every girl needs new shoes for her birthday. If not for the first one, then when?! :-) She is incredibly interested in them, and clomped around like a Clydesdale before starting to feel comfortable wearing them.

 All I did when I was little was stare at my shoes....

With these shoes, now I can really go places!!
 Backyard here I come! (Which reminds me, I should do a bit of cleaning up of land-mines this weekend)

 I really get the impression that Louis can't wait until she's really old enough to play. By then, though, he might not feel so up for it.

 Wearing our new shoes, playing with our new blocks, watching Go Diego Go.

 Diego! She loves Go Diego Go.

New blocks and her cartoon crush, Diego.

 Like every child, she thoroughly enjoyed playing with the wrapping accouterments as well - if not more so - than the actual toys.

 Like a moth to a flame, I put the blocks down to occupy Zoey, and Jacob is the first one on the floor.

 This is a pose. She can be so dramatic, I have no idea where she gets it from.

 Two of my faves while I was growing up (aka, starting college), Sam Jr. (named after our beloved Golden Retriever, Sam) and Elmo.

She found a black headband of mine in the bathroom and every time I put it on her, she beams and walks around with her chin up. If she takes it off, she hasn't figured out how to put it back on, so she freaks out until I help her. We've only just recently learned about the fun that is the toothbrush.

"A friend of mine confused her Valium with her birth control pills. She has fourteen kids but she really doesn’t care." - Anon