Tuesday, September 20, 2011


Well, I blinked and summer is gone. The mornings have turned brisk, the sun is setting earlier, and we actually turn the heat on in the morning. The even better news is that I succumbed to the fact that I shall remain a stick insect and went out to buy a few fall items since I can only wear tights with a few of my summer dresses. Of course, as soon as I took the tags off, I started to gain weight. I'm anticipating it might be a schmidge easier to gain weight in the fall and winter (hello, season of potatoes!!).

Our summer wrapped up just as crazily as it began, although, thankfully, we were done traveling. But with new seasons, comes a desire for new energy and a start-over feeling. Plus, with us learning and growing (well, I seem to be heading in the opposite direction of growing), so began the most horrible time of year: buying new clothing. For me, it was a necessity but I was able to do it on the cheap. Jacob also needed pants of the only-two-holed variety, and some new shoes. I wouldn't know, but I understand if you wear the same pair of shoes every day, they tend to get worn out. Zoey always enjoys shopping, more so now that she is big enough to sit in the front of the cart and reach out to things; and so begins our teaching of Look, Don't Touch.

 I would like these, please, Mom, kaythanks! Unfortunately, Daddy said no.

 We found some princess shoes that were more her style. It was fun to try them on her, a glimpse of my very near future. But everything was too big and ultimately turned into a challenge for Jacob and I and our suddenly seemingly sausage fingers.

We went to my favorite place to buy new clothes, shoes, handbags, and whatever else random I might be able to find, like baby toys! (Seriously, instead of buying one pair of shoes for $40 at one place, I bought 2 dresses, a pair of shoes, and a pair of pants for $15 more. I'll still probably go back and get those $40 shoes, though...)

 Throwing around her new ball that sounds like an enlarged cat toy. Well, it has a bell thing inside that rattles when the ball is thrown so I suppose it is just a cat toy. Regardless, she enjoys it and it is marketed towards babies so that makes me feel better.

 We also found her a telephone toy (that doesn't have an off switch, FYI).

 Jacob took it out of the box and noticed that there was a way to write on the back. I don't know what they're specifically called, but you write with the special utensil, then erase it, no mess, blah, blah, blah.

 I learned a few days later that it has been an excellent observation tool for her parents in determining which hand she is more dominant with. Last night I watched her write on the tablet with both hands. Results: inconclusive.

 Could you please excuse me, Mother, I have an important call to make.

 Jacob and I showed her what it was, then the next thing she did was hold the receiver up to her ear and garble into it in her baby language, then said, "Hi, Mom."

 *GASP* "No way!"
 "What do you mean?! I said 'sell when the price hits 50!'"

Zoey's first picture she made herself. Too bad it's so easily erased but we probably won't be handing over the crayons any time soon.

We, of course, had to run the requisite baby-related errands but Jacob was nice enough to include those in his errands. Even nicer, he came home with something special for me. :-)

 His errands included whatever dilly-mo-bob he needed to get the Honda up and running. And it does!! It would totally and completely be able to drive if Jacob didn't discover shortly after putting it all back together that the clutch decided it didn't want to work. He fixed the minor issues that could have been causing it, which only lead him to believe he needs to replace the clutch, meaning a certain amount needs to be re-torn a part. Either way, it starts and the new-to-it engine sounds amazing. Of course, he needed to spend some time hosing it off, as well. :-)

Remember the 'before' pictures I took of my wannabe garden?

Well, as it turned out, my piddly idea for a garden would have been eaten alive, and I'm not just saying that because I largely neglected it. After it rained for a solid month in the beginning, tending to it was like trying to keep my head above water and I quickly got distracted by something else. Oh well, I'm all equipped for next year!

Taken last weekend. Like I said, my piddly little would-be garden would have been completely swallowed. It's nice to see the two slabs of white picket fence managed to survive the rainforest that sprouted around my deck, but I later used one to unclog a bee's nest from behind the faux window shutters.

Although the first week of September was the official start to me working part-time, last week was my first full week and, honestly, I thought Monday and Tuesday in a row might have been over-shooting things. True to form, though, since Tuesdays are my Thursdays they seem to take much longer to pass than Mondays, and the overall amount of work I have to do has diminished rather significantly. While working for a market research firm in Arizona, I once finished a project early and my supervisor told me I needed to manage my time better.

I'm surprised at how much more there is to do now that I am home more. But, I suppose, since it's being lived in more, it stands to reason there would be more messes to clean up. There are days where all I feel like I've been doing is cleaning the kitchen. My favorite day is Tuesday, though, since I don't have to pick up all of the baby toys before going to bed.

 ZoZo taking in some Super Grover on Sesame Street.

 I try to keep up with the laundry as much as possible throughout the week, but I slacked last week. Thankfully, Zoey is on hand to dump it all out of the basket for me. :-)

And I'm lucky enough to have a helping husband..............

 I said, "Baby, will you please fold this bedsheet?"

After he was done, and got us all laughing, he threw the sheet back in the basket. I said, "Why is this sheet still not folded?!"

 Daddy continued his helpful streak while showing Zoey how to use her Sippy Cup.

Teaching: effective.

Later in the afternoon, Zoey and I went to visit Jacob in the garage where I found a little purse perfect for Zoey. :-) But when I put a snack-sized bag of carrots in it, she freaked out and hasn't touched it since. I wonder if she's inherited her mother's penchant for irrational fears (birds, butterflies, moths, and small kitchen appliances), although I may require some counseling of my own if she winds up fearing shoes and handbags.

 A blurry picture of Mommy and Zoey playing. She's hard to get to sit still for longer than 10 seconds, and she's obsessed with playing with my phone/camera. I thought she might be interested in seeing pictures of herself, but she would rather just put it in her mouth.

 Already ready for those paparazi photogs!

Later Saturday afternoon, Jacob, Zoey and I packed up to head over to my friend, Pam's, house for an end-of-the-summer BBQ. It was very good food and very good company that we didn't get to enjoy enough of. Zoey took a later nap than usual and it always takes us a good hour to get ourselves collected enough to meet and survive the public. Sunday was filled with the usual honey-do (wow, I really hate that expression) lists and ample amounts of time playing with Zoey.

Yesterday marked the first day of the last year of my 20's. My friend, Mer, and I were talking about our 20s, her sad to see her's go, mine I'd throw a party to never have to think about again. I hope this end to my 20s isn't a foreshadowing of my 30s or they're really gonna suck. Perhaps my less-than-stellar birthday was merely a good way to book-end the worst of the two decades I've lived so far. As much as I hate this next expression, nothing is more true: it is what it is [and I'll make the absolute best of it it]. My work peeps definitely helped make me feel special on my birthday, sending me lovely flowers in a cute mug I can add to my collection and use ever day, and an absolutely fantastic card.


The first day of fall is tomorrow, which also marks the re-grouping of our book club. This weekend Zoey will be spending some much-needed time with Jacob's parents in the form of a sleepover. With them being able to spend time with her as our main objective in facilitating the sleep-over, Jacob and I have zero idea of what we'll do with a baby-free weekend. I'm anticipating a lot of reading and hoping for a night out to dinner; I can't remember the last time we ate at a restaurant where we didn't utilize the Curbside To Go service. When we pick up Zoey on Sunday, we'll celebrate both my and her birthdays. I am very interested in her first bite of cake; she's already started to turn her nose up a little at veggies.

A lot of things changed this summer, primarily our Snuggle Muffin, Zoey, but we did as well. We did a lot of traveling, saw a lot of friends and family, made new friends, learned old friends are evil soul-suckers, saw some great sights, and had experiences worth telling. So now we "turn and face the change."

"Always remember that the future comes one day at a time." - Dean Acheson