Friday, August 12, 2011

Meanwhile, Back at the Ranch.....

(Which also happened to be my favorite book as an Elementary school student)

Here are some pictures of our lives from day to day. :-)

First up, the long-anticipated photos of Louis and Durbin's 2-week trip to Wyoming with Grandma and Grandpa (ok, yes, only long-anticipated by me):

 From what I understand, they were in these respective positions for the entire 7-8 hour drive.

 Louis + Water = True Love. Who would have thunk it?!

 They are such brothers!!

 Only as far as Durbin would ever go in the water.

 Unlike Louis, however.

 Taking a short breather on his orthopedic bed.

 Back to chasing sticks (and various wildlife)!

 Totally frame-worthy! My mom is an exceptional photographer, taking this picture just as Durbin leaped to avoid letting any drop of water touch him. It's amazing what he'll do when he's motivated.

 Durbin and horse.

 Louis performing the job he didn't know he was born to do: herd cows. The first time he ever did it was in Wyoming. Never having been trained to be a cow-herder, he managed to push a stray cow through the hole in the fence then turned and ran back to the ATV so my dad could ghetto-fix the fence (the fence and subsequent cows belong to the person who owns the piece of land next to my parents')

 Durbin has zero desire to keep up with Louis. Even still, Wyoming has been known to wear a few dogs out.

 Receiving one of their many baths, I'm sure. The first thing on Durbin's to-do list when he arrives in Wyoming: roll in cow shit. And for some reason - even though Louis has never done it before - Louis has decided it's a great idea.

 Grandpa and Louis.



 A rare occurrence, I've never seen Louis lay down in Wyoming before; especially outside.

Then the dogs came back and we handed over my brother in return.

 Grandpa and Zoey at a baseball game.

 Yup, he'll be her weird uncle... ;-)

 When you show her how to do something, she'll then grab your hand to make you do it again. She loves making people clap.

 Two men and a baby.

Jacob and Zoey at home, Jacob wearing a t-shirt my uncle bought for him to make up for getting him kicked out of a bar at 5pm in the afternoon when we were visiting them in Tucson.

Jacob is constantly in trouble at work for not bringing Zoey by. We would love to, but it's hard since we both work; if I have a day off, so does the rest of the world so it never quite works out. But Aunt Rachael had a doctor's appointment a couple of weeks back so she dropped Zoey off at Jacob's work for a few hours. Naturally, she stole everyone's hearts, including a photographer who has kindly offered to shoot some family portraits for us.

 She loved that rubber magnet thing, as you'll see since it's in every picture. Regardless, she's a cutie-patootie ham-bone and he is an awesome photographer so it all worked out. :-)

 Getting ready to leave her many fans.

 The last time Grandma stayed with us, she snapped this picture of Zoey loving on one of her many dogs.

 It's food time, right?

 Our picture-incapable family at Lake Elmo with Grandma and Grandpa. :-)

 Playing in the grass with Grandma and Grandpa.

Shortly into the heatwave our air conditioner crapped out. 'Nuff said.

Some pictures Grandma took while babysitting our little nugget:

 She has 5 teeth, working on a couple more.

 Loves to show off those bottom ones. :-D

 Apparently, while I was in the woods, Zoey decided it was a good time to re-organize my Tupperware cupboard. Have at it, girl, there is no way I have found to properly organize a Tupperware cupboard without everything spilling out when you open the door.

 Done! Looks good to me!

And this is what Grandpa has been up to, on his own adventure! I don't know exactly where these pictures are taken, but its during his trip to and around Newfoundland. He will be back at the end of August.

 Dad and Santa Clause I mean my Uncle Ken.

 Uncle Ken and some other dude they're riding with.

The group of bad-ass dudes.

These were taken last night and this morning:

 She is such a funny sleeper, I can't imagine how we were ever able to swaddle her, but she used to love it!

 Watching Go Diego Go on Mommy and Daddy's bed this morning. She yells, "GO DIEGO! DIEGO, DIEGO, DIEGO, DIEGO!" until it just sounds like, "GARBLE, GARBLE, GARBLE, GARBLE!" Hey, that's a hard word to say 5 times fast.

Clapping for Diego.

We don't have anything really planned for this weekend. There will be the usual stuff around the house, cleaning, laundry, and the like. I'm sure there will be at least 2 trips to the Target around the corner because it just wouldn't be a weekend otherwise. I want to try to go to the Montana Fair tomorrow since the bulk of the time it will be running, Mom will be long-gone. We also want to take a trip up to Columbus, especially if it will be as warm as they say it will be this weekend, so we'll see how that fits into everything. Whatever we end up doing, I'm excited for all of the new pictures! :-)

"Success is the best revenge." - French proverb