Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Life As it Continues to Happen

Life has been trucking along, we're thankful there hasn't been anything outside of the normal day-to-day stress and issues that we've had to deal with. *knock on wood*

Mom left to visit Aaron in New York last Wednesday, and will be back tomorrow for another week before shipping off to the family reunion in Wisconsin. It's always interesting when she relays her visits with my brother to me. After getting off the phone with her yesterday afternoon, I pondered the very large gap between her activities with him and her activities with me. I would gather she gets the best of both worlds: with me she is the mother I always had, giving me advice (even when I don't ask for it ;-)), cooking my favorite meals, being a grandmother to Zoey when I shuttle off to work, and constantly telling me she wants to help alleviate any stress I might be dealing with (and, of course, telling me it's the world that has the problem because I am perfect :-D). With Aaron, she is the fun-loving, jet-setting adult she deserves to be after raising a family. She still gets to be a mother with him, but not in the usual sense; she gets to meet his friends, visit his hang-outs, meet people he works with, and generally be associated with his movin'-'n-shakin' lifestyle. My brother and I keep her pretty busy and worn out during the summer but she enjoys every minute of it.

So Jacob and I spent the weekend with each other at home. We ran the usual errands, even scoring a free candy bar when I picked up my birth control pills (are they indirectly thanking me for not continuing to reproduce?). Jacob's dad came by the house to help him with one small - but major - detail with the Honda so now it really is just thisclose to running; he was able to lower it and put the wheels back on. Once it's finished, I'll have to get in there and give it a good anal-retentive, OCD cleaning (if he'll even let me and/or make me surrender that task to him). Meanwhile, I managed to get the laundry done by 9am and was dead-set on putting every effort into having each room of the house be clean at the same time. It almost worked: I finished the dinner dishes close to 10pm, just didn't feel like dusting our bedroom, and I couldn't dust Zoey's since she was sleeping.

So now that I've explained the minutia of one of our less-activity-ridden weekends, here are some pictures (but not necessarily from the weekend).

 Zoey loves doors. But she loves them the most when she can open and shut them. Obviously, though, she can't get the door open again once it's been closed given her serious lack of height in relation to the doorknob. I showed her that the doorknob opens the door and Daddy showed her how, exactly, it works.

Clearly, she was beyond fascinated. Eventually, Daddy had to put her down because his arms got tired.

 The last of the Pictures-of-Zoey-Watching-Television series. I love this one because she is watching one of my favorite shows growing up, Clarissa Explains it All. Sadly, though, in an effort to save some money as we go through a bit of transition, we cut the cable down to channels 1-20 (but kept the internet). Truthfully, though, Jacob and I don't really miss it, and neither does Zoey. She is much more interested in her toys and endlessly plays with them. Her naps were better over the weekend, and Jacob and I even found ourselves engrossed in Antiques Roadshow. To cure a bout of television cravings - both for us and Zoey - we have the Xbox hooked up to the television in our bedroom for Netflix and Hulu. Much to Zoey's joy and my chagrin, we can still watch Go Diego Go.

Like any warm-blooded child, Zoey has loved to play with boxes since she was first introduced to the suitcase we buy her diapers in. For the most part, she would just bang on them, push them around the floor, or scrutinize every detail on the inside. Recently, though, she figured out how to use them as tools so Mommy quickly snapped this picture then put the box in the garage to be taken out with the trash. Maybe ignorance really is bliss... :-)

 After one of her other favorite activities - pulling Mommy's books from the bookshelf - Daddy decided to show her one of his many guitars. The others reside in the bonus, baby-free room.

She's really jammin' now!

One of Zoey and Daddy's favorite things to do while I get her stuff ready for bedtime is play Skydiving Baby. She just lays flat in Daddy's arms - only reaching for the fan a few times - smiles and giggles the entire time.

Whew! Tough day!

By Sunday night, I was still project-oriented and in the frame of mind to get things done. So instead of dusting the bedroom, I worked on Zoey's baby book, putting her very first picture in as the first thing I did.

I know it's only Wednesday, but this week has been as close to the normal as I was hoping for. As I struggle to accept the fact that I've truly entered adult-hood, I'm more susceptible to being able to accept that there will be ups and downs every week. I am also more accepting of the fact that I just need to learn how to roll with it, and not let those down moments keep me from enjoying the small blessings we receive (i.e. free candy bars, the Target bill being less than usual, etc.).

I am very much looking forward to the next few weeks, although more stress will be thrown into the mix. Tomorrow night means wine on my friend, Mer's, patio and picking mom up from the airport (yes, in that order). Next week will start a new chapter in my professional life, both as legal personality and mom, that I am very much looking forward to (I don't want to discuss it further at this time as I am a firm believer in jinxing), then we leave to visit the rest of my crazy, cooky, love-packed family at the reunion. Late September will bring me the last year of being in my 20's (thank GOD!) and, of course, Zoey's first birthday. Which reminds me, I better get to planning... :-)

I'll never have a "normal" week again, but at least I'm lucky enough to live the life I want.

"You only life once, and no one gets out alive." - Sally Donahue