Tuesday, August 30, 2011


As you can see, we had quite the excitement-packed weekend. I first heard of Zoey taking more than 2 steps from Jacob, who heard it from Rachael because that's where she did it. I'll admit, I was a little peeved that I didn't get to see the first journey from coffee table to entertainment center. And since she is still building up her leg muscles, she least feels like walking in the evenings; you know, around the time I come home and want to share these experiences with her. But I resign myself to the fact that these things happen, then convince myself that the first time I saw her do something was the first time she did it ever.

Like I said, Zoey isn't a walking machine. But I've heard it only takes about a week for them to be running everywhere and I'll never sit down again (another reason those child leashes sound so appealing). Otherwise, we had a weekend stocked full of playing and family. It was the perfect way to end last week to remind Jacob and I just how lucky we are to have the family and friends that we do.

Mom said she wanted to go shopping on Saturday to pick up a few things she wanted to make for her last few days with us. She has expressed on more than one occasion that her time at our house is hers to give me Mommy-time, so I think she cleverly disguised this trip to the grocery store with "I just need a few things," to helping us stock our cabinets. And she wanted me to make the tuna casserole I like to whip up in the fall. I discovered last night that a Cheleda is the perfect thing to wash it down. The downside to Saturday was that it had to be one of the hottest days of the year. And as you may or may not recall, our air conditioner took a crap around the same time as the other hottest day of the year. So we didn't really do much besides sit around, sweat, be silly, and drink glass after glass of water.

 Hanging out in Zoey's room, reading about how Minnie Gets Pretty.

 It is quite the interesting story.

 The dogs tried their best to stay cool, too, but they suffered from the disadvantage of having to be locked in the lower room that leads to the backdoor; a room with little to no insulation so it's like our own personal sauna. However, this picture is a prime example of why. Goal spotted: dog tail.

 But I made Louis' day by bringing his basket of toys out from hiding (aka from behind the couch). They then spent their time independently playing with their toys, Louis the stuffed animals he humped then destroyed, and Durbin with his undestroyable ball.

I also turned on Blues Clues, mainly for Zoey but she wasn't the only one entertained, apparently (he doesn't actually have blue eyes, that is just what happens with the flash).

 With her tea and crumpet (aka formula and wheat teething biscuit).

 Grandma took this picture while babysitting last Friday. Apparently, Zoey likes to help with dishes, and pick fuzz-balls off the couch.

And, of course, grin at every possible moment.

 Grandpa Donahue got this for us. :-)

 It wasn't particularly cooler in the kitchen, actually hotter despite the super-fantastic linoleum floor. Regardless, Durbin found it a perfect spot to do snacking. And he knew just how to play the rules, too, standing on the carpet - so technically out of the kitchen - until he heard something hit the floor.

Even though they are big, black, and covered in fur, we had to give them their fair share of loves.

Durbin has no shame.

 With all of her new chompers, we thought we'd give her more solid foods a try, starting with the banana. Her face says otherwise but she really liked it. I think when it comes to learning new things with food, she just has zero patience. I want my food and I want it NOW!

 It was a perfect day to show Grandma Skydiving Baby. She thought it was hilarious, as did Zoey.

 Then, to further keep cool, it was time to convert the bathtub into a swimming pool. Of course I did take the opportunity to scrub her down with baby soap. She had so much fun, thus I learned we are officially over our baby bathtub. :-( *sniff*

 With the heat and all of the excitement, Zoey hit the sheets shortly after her tub playtime/bath. Then, apparently, it was time for Durbin to have some play time of his own.

 This picture is funny (and slightly true on most mornings when my mom isn't staying with us) but in all honesty, it has been doctored. This was as I was getting ready to leave for the store and Zoey wasn't coming along, and Jacob happened to be sitting right next to me ready to take over feeding Zoey, but my mom thought it would make a cute picture entitled, Morning with the McIntyres.

 On Sunday we went to Columbus to visit Jacob's parents. Just like when we visit mine, if you ever find yourself at Jacob's parent's house, you will have one of the greatest meals of your life. I don't know what it is about Grandmothers and excellent cooking.

 Getting situated in our respective seats before dinner. There is a Cheerio on the bottom of my dress.

On our way home on Sunday, we weren't even out of the driveway before Zoey was asleep. She woke up just before we got home and was not pleased to still be in her seat. The only trouble was that my mom, Jacob, and I all wished we could have fallen asleep and magically gotten home.

Sunday night I went to bed early and nothing short of a nuclear war could have woken me; and it's a good thing too since this week has busy written all over it.

For starters, I'm actively trying to make this week the last full-time work-week of my present existence. So far it seems to be going ok but having to take off most of Thursday for Louis' restitution hearing doesn't help matters (just an FYI, it costs $488.50 for your dog to attack your neighbor's cat to the brink of death. That is the vet bill; I won't touch on the 5 citations, vet bills to get our dogs vaccinated, and the court-ordered behavioral evaluation). On Friday, and in large part thanks to my dad, Jacob, Zoey, and I will be off to Wisconsin for the Donahue/Matthies (or Matthies/Donahue if you want to nit-pick) family reunion. I had such fun last time even though most everyone didn't recognize me and Jacob was looked over by wary eyes. They all love him more than me now and I can't wait for them to meet Zoey. I'm looking forward to getting away and remembering that life isn't about all of the obligations you have at any given moment, but about the people you chose to spend your time with, mainly family. And a change of scenery couldn't hurt either.

The professional change I referenced in a previous post was, indeed, me starting to work part-time instead of full. It was a decision Jacob and I came to - with the help of Zoey, of course - and my office was extremely supportive. My work has slowed considerably and as Zoey gets older it is increasingly more difficult to be away from her. But our main motive behind the decision was financial. 

It sounds ridiculous to think that by cutting your pay in half you'd be able to afford more, but that is what we're hoping. Between paying Rachael to babysit, keeping her stocked with baby supplies, keeping our own house stocked with baby supplies, and the gas for running all over town every day, what I would have brought home in terms of income is gone before I've even seen it. We'll start this part-time thing, see how it works and see if we're able to loosen the purse-strings a little. In brainstorming, Jacob and I have tried to come up with a way we can both stay home but still earn money; so far we've come up with porn stars and farmers.

Family is the most important thing and I'm trying my best to give it everything I've got. If that means I have to do porn, well, then, so be it!

"Families are like fudge - mostly sweet with a few nuts." - Unknown