Monday, August 15, 2011

A Fair Day

I share in half of Garfield's plight. On the one hand, I completely understand why he hated Mondays, especially after last night when every bone in my body was absolutely sure we still had another day of the weekend. On the other hand, I've accepted that it's a once-a-week occurrence, and the least I can do is spend it reliving the weekend.

Like I had wanted, I took Zoey to the fair. Last year, Jacob was able to score tickets to the Montana Fair but refused since I was as big as a house and not really up to feeling tortured by walking around in the heat and humidity. Plus, this year I was able to have a beer.

My mom, Zoey, and I made a girls' day of it while Jacob did manly stuff in the garage, getting that much closer to having his beloved Honda ready. He'll most likely have it done just in time for the snow to come and it sit in the garage for another 6 months. Just kidding; Jacob is a more motivated individual than most. At this point, it's so close to being done, Jacob can almost taste it, and that is what is frustrating. But I have complete faith he'll get it done, and get it done immaculately.

We left early to avoid most of the heat, not realizing we also avoided most of the crowds. Either way, the fair is fun for nothing more than the crappy food, people watching, beer, and walking around in the sunshine.

 Getting ready for the sort-of long walk from the parking lot to the fair. Side note: Zoey currently has 5 teeth poking through, and working on 2 more. Maybe that is why she just loves to grin. :-D

 Thanks to last year's Father's Day tornado, there is still a lot to be done at the Metra, but everything they do now is just an improvement from before.

People watching with Grandma and Mommy.

 She spent a lot of Saturday - whether at the fair or at home - wanting to be held by me. How could I possibly refuse?! :-) She is the best baby to be a mommy to.

She wanted to be held unless, of course, I was bouncing her.

 One of the many rides we walked passed and watched. Surprisingly, they were quite empty, their operators often just sitting there waiting for more than 1 person to line up (if I understand correctly, a ride can't be ridden by only one person).

 I've never been one for fair games. The saying, "I've never one anything in my life!" applicably describes my experience with everything contest-related. I guess I wasn't the only one who felt this way because they have since been re-vamped for the courtesy of my children: guaranteed winning! (Normally, I wouldn't be a big proponent of this but fair games should never be so complicated that kids walk away empty-handed)

 Just like the rubber duckies she has at home, only in a much larger tub. After Grandma paid for us to play the game, I snatched her from her stroller and let her grab for the ducks.

 After she grabbed the first one, she got a bit distracted and just stared at the game lady for awhile.

 Then she picked up some more ducks and claimed her prize......

 .....Another stuffed dog!! Coincidentally, she surpassed the guaranteed winner level of a medium stuffed animal and won herself a large stuffed animal!

 (Ok, given the ups and down lately, I just have to share because it made me feel so good. After Zoey had won her stuffed animal and I was putting her back in her stroller, my mom offered a heart-felt thanks to the game lady for letting Zoey play. The game lady responded, "No problem. She is a wonderful mother.") *grin!*

 Zoey loved on her new dog for awhile until it got too warm. Now she snuggles him in her crib.

 Grandma and Zoey watching the cow beauty pageant.

Mommy and baby beauty pageant.

 After Mom and I finished eating our delectable fair food (her a cheeseburger with fries, me a corn dog and corn on the cob, both with Chiladas), Zoey needed to be changed. And wouldn't you know, there was a booth for that.

 Checkin' out the goats.

It was a fair day, indeed! :-)

We spent Sunday recuperating from our day in the sun by spending it in the heat of our house. Our AC took a crapper awhile ago and Jacob got - as my Southern friends would day - a wild hair to fix it on Sunday. Naturally, he got it working, but as soon as he put it in the window, it would take another crap. He concluded the motor was bad so that's the end of that. Otherwise, him and my mother put together a pork loin in the crock pot and we had pulled BBQ pork sandwiches for dinner, and I used what little energy I had for cleaning on the kitchen and Jacob and I's bedroom; and Zoey did her usual eat, play, nap, laugh, and crawl around.

She is able to stand on her own now and it's as easy as pie. When we applaud her, she just looks confused, starts clapping, then inevitably loses her balance. But it's like second-nature to her, even to the point of her taking one step forward. She has a very determined look about her when it comes to walking, she just needs to be more self-assured. Next year, we'll all be walking around the fair! (Although, for her, it may be on a leash. I always made fun of people who did that with their children, but now I totally get it.)

"If you ever start feeling like you have the goofiest, craziest, most dysfunctional family in the world, all you have to do is go to a state fair. Because five minutes at the fair, you'll be going, 'you know, we're alright. We are dang near royalty'." - Jeff Foxworthy