Thursday, July 21, 2011

Suprisingly Decompressing: No Matter What, Life is Pretty Good

Like I said in the post with the videos, despite Friday's drama, we were able to have a good weekend. We were busy with home stuff but most time was spent playing with Zoey; she is always in such a good mood on the weekends.

These week has been fairly normal, things even working out better than expected (just normal daily, routine type of things). We spoke to the neighbors and their children and relatively untraumatized. They have a new kitten to play with. Everyone was nice and cordial and we all agreed we want to stay friendly, and they don't want us to have to lose an animal, either. It was also encouraging to hear that they have acknowledged we don't have viscous animals, and that there was something about that particular cat that set Louis off. That neighbor used to have a dog and other cats that never resulted in Louis being so destructive and animalistic (stupid, yes, since he is an animal). So, aside from our normal busy schedule, we were able to breath in-and-out a little this week.

I was going to add these pictures to my video post but my brother gave me guff about the length of my posts. :-P Plus, my brain is mush right now so a slide show will just have to do.

 E-Trade baby.

 Stops for a quick photo op! Knows how to work the paparazzi already!

 Everyone knows you must accessorize!

 Giving the Billings Mustangs a [frozen] hand. Mom joke! Mom joke!

 Adventures in wheat Teething Biscuits. The residue sticks to EVERYTHING. Be prepared for a family bath and a load of laundry!

 Our attempt at keeping cool and being healthy while trying to utilize our vast array of Costco produce. It started out healthy, and sure looks healthy, but - alas - it is not. Ingredients are as follows: seedless watermelon chunks, English cucumbers skinned and sliced, frozen strawberries, two red otter pops, a teaspoon of blueberry pancake syrup, and 17 tablespoons of sugar. We're running it through a coffee filter because we realized blending watermelon probably wasn't the best idea. Neither of us has tried it yet. (Well, I tried it with some rum but I don't count that since I spit it out because it burned the inside of my mouth)

Even with it being so hot, we - well Jacob - did some amazing cooking. Awesome breakfast sandwiches in the morning, beer battered fish and pork chops in the evening. I didn't have to safety-pin my skirt yesterday morning!

We don't have any real plans for this coming weekend aside from visiting the dogs and deciding what to do with them. For now, it's possible they will stay in Columbus until at least court is over. They do add something to our home and we do miss them, but we always have our hands full no matter what.

 No matter what day of the week, we always enjoy some evening down-time with The Bubble Guppies.

 Man, that flash is bright!

 Random, I know. I paused the TV at this precise moment and just had to take a picture. He was discussing how Iowa's recognition of same-sex marriage has influenced the agriculture industry.

On that note!