Friday, July 8, 2011

Roundin' Summer's Second

The start to July resembled that of the beginning of June. Jacob and I had one normal, unscheduled weekend in between his best friend's wedding and when my family was to visit, and we used it to go Costco shopping.

Our cabinets were echo-tastic so we stocked them up good. With it having been since the end of March that we went grocery shopping we ended up with quite the haul. We did it smarter this time, though, separately freezing ground beef so we wouldn't have to thaw the entire 5 pounds for just one meal. I also used coupons, something I'm very proud of myself for doing. The main trouble is just remembering that I have them when I go shopping.

But, unfortunately, the busy started up again (as did the heat) so we haven't had the opportunity to do much cooking. That hasn't happened to Zoey, of course, who is busy trying all sorts of new things. When we get back from Denver perhaps we'll try one of those mashed meat dinners in a jar. Doesn't that sound delish!

Zoey's first attempt with Gerber Puffs, small Cheerio-esque cereal bits that dissolve in the baby's mouth, arguably, before they've had a chance to choke on it. Most babies do gag on them the first time, though, and Zoey was no different. The problem was, however, that she did not care for the strawberry banana flavor we had chosen. I don't blame her, they smelled pretty awful.

As you can see, she didn't much care for them. She liked to play with them, and found them interesting when the moisture on her hands caused them to stick. But every time we put one in her mouth she'd just get mad. So sometimes I'll use them to occupy her while I make her food so she isn't screaming at me the entire time. You don't get that bottle to her when she wants it and you won't be able to hear for a few hours.

We could all learn something (ok, a lot) from Zoey. No matter how busy she is, she always makes time for Moose and Zee on Nick Jr.

(Notice how that dog is everywhere; he goes everywhere with her. She cuddles him when she's happy, when she's sad, or just chills with him.)

Of course, then it's back to business as usual. Apparently, she's inherited her mother's love of organizing. I guess she didn't like the way her table was arranged. :-)

I want to read this one, Mommy. Not until you're much old, baby.

Once we get back from Colorado, we'll return to our normal, busy selves. I've decided to forgo my 10-year high school reunion, even though it would be a trip to re-introduce Jacob to kids he started elementary school with. But thanks to the invention of Facebook, driving 550 miles for the second time in 3 weeks, the added expense, plus having to purchase tickets to my own high school reunion ($30 a piece) really isn't necessary. And although pictures don't quite do Zoey justice for people I would want to introduce her to, I've made a lot of trips to Colorado over the years and Montana is her home. Any visitors are, of course, welcomed with open arms, good food, a place to rest their weary roadtrippin' bones, a beer and......some other stuff.......

Until then, we continue to live, laugh, love, and grow!