Tuesday, July 19, 2011

No Rest for the Weary

To distract us from all of the drama, and to remind us that we shouldn't take life too seriously, we had Zoey. She is such a ball of fun but, boy, does she have an attitude! I have no idea where she gets it from....She has started to pout, get mad, or cry when we tell her no, she can't play with this, that, or the other million things in her world she can't touch, play with, pull, or put in her mouth. She knows when we're serious and listens relatively well. There are times, however, when we tell her no and she'll smirk at us as she reaches for the thing we just told her no to. We try and sneak in an extra nap on those days. :-)

She is growing and changing so much, I feel like every day when I get home from work she looks a little bit more like a child and not a baby. She's rapidly heading towards walking on her own, standing by herself for at least 30 seconds. I think she could last a little longer but then she realizes what is happening, gets a little scared and plops herself down. But her famed Elmo cart converts to a walker. The seat comes out and the handle flips over so she can tool around with her chubby turkey legs. She's very strong and very determined so, as we've heard from everyone we know, let the real fun begin!

 She didn't start out on the carpet, and I'm not sure how we wound up there, but it was the first place she was where it dawned on me that perhaps I should be filming some of this awesomeness.

 Jacob was right [in the first video] when he guessed moving from the carpet to the kitchen floor might be somewhat of a hazard. Naturally, we were more concerned that Zoey was.

Capturing our genius baby. Yes, we're biased, but she has an incredible knack for figuring out how things work and how to properly use them.

By far my absolute favorite! She is so full of love, cuddles, and fun, it's impossible to be even remotely sad around her.

Like my brother said after I relayed the dog fiasco to him (well, after congratulating Louis on ridding the world of another cat. Sorry, cat lovers), "Hey, when you're upset, think of this [Zoey]."