Saturday, July 9, 2011

Dear Timing: Seriously?!

*Update* I've noticed this post has been getting a few page-views here and there so I thought it deserved a little update. I do not, in any capacity - nor have I ever - regret not going to Denver for my then-friend's wedding. Jacob and I were clearly, obviously very sick but were accused of being stoner losers and bad parents from people who hadn't even met our child or seen where we live. If we had gone to Denver, it would have been a frustrating, dramatic, emotionally and physically draining weekend that I truly believe God intentionally kept us from. So, thank you God; I guess you do step in when we don't see the company we keep is doing more harm than good. Having sinus infections sucked, but Denver would have been suckier. Dear Timing: You're Smarter Than Me.

Well, it's official; we are the King and Queen of plans changing. This blog should be titled Montana Goin'Nowhere. It's only Saturday, but our weekend essentially began on Thursday.

Like I said before, I had my follow-up doctor's appointment on Thursday. Jacob had been feeling a bit off, which a pain in his lower chest, for a few days, and by the time he picked me up from work on Thursday, he was concerned enough to want to see the doctor. I figured it was a good idea since he never wants to see the doctor ever. So we went straight from my office to the Same Day Care clinic. Zoey and I went home to get some diapers and were on our way back when Jacob told me he was heading over to get a chest x-ray. I figured that meant he was somewhat close to being done so Zoey and I went back to wait at the clinic. Big mistake.

We hung out there for over 2 hours. Zoey was surprisingly amazing, I kept her close but she was able to find things to toy with. Around 6:30pm, the place was a zoo; about 10 people all came in the door at once. So Zoey and I went outside and played on the patch of grass just outside the door when it dawned on me that people continued to file into the clinic, but no one ever came back out; I hadn't seen one person leave the clinic. Close to 7:30pm Jacob was released and was to expect a phone call with the results of various cultures they'd done. By the time we got home, it was time for bed and we still had to pack Zoey up for her weekend at her Grandparent's.

In a serious case of bad judgement,  we stayed up way too late on Thursday when we had already stayed up late the previous nights. I woke up Friday with a little bit of a stuffy nose and the slightest bit of pressure behind my eyes. I've gotten used to waking up like this, especially after dealing with it constantly during my pregnancy, so I didn't think anything of it.

Jacob and I went to work but he felt just as I, plus we were both riding on too little sleep. So as the day wore on, we both gradually felt worse; and the pressure behind my eyes turned into me feeling like one of those kids in the old Gushers Fruit Snacks commercials.

I had still planned to get off work early because we still planned to leave for Denver. But we seriously procrastinated with packing so still had to head home and do that.

Both Jacob and I were very crabby with each other, and not all that thrilled with sitting in the car and concentrating for the next 8 hours, most of which during nighttime. Jacob fell asleep on the couch for a bit while I took a desperately-needed shower. As the evening slowly progressed, we assessed how we were feeling and it wasn't good. By then I had developed a very similar cough Zoey and her cousin Layne had just the other week. But we still hadn't completely decided not to go to Denver, there was still time. Perhaps Jacob would feel better after his nap, and he had always loved road trips, especially at night. As long as I wasn't driving, I didn't mind (that sounds mean, but Jacob won't ever let me drive on road trips. ;-)). Sadly, that was not the case; Jacob did not feel better after his nap, and my shower had only been a short fix. We went to bed early with the final hope of 6am.

It came and went and we both felt worse. It was official - we wouldn't be going to Denver. Of course, we discussed it ad nauseum since Friday afternoon, it was all we could talk about. And as you might expect, it wasn't always friendly discussion; this was an important decision and we were both in a damned-if-you-do-damned-if-you-don't situation.

As far as Zoey was concerned, her Grandparents hadn't seen her in awhile and we knew they were excited to see her and spend time with her. She'd only been there 12 hours and we received 2 videos. :-) So, in that way, things worked out if we were both sick; if we have an opportunity to get better and have someone watch her for us, that is the best scenario for everyone.

And so here we sit, sniffling at each other, coughing, popping Ibuprofen, trying to work up an appetite, and thankful all of the Harry Potter movies are on Demand (ok, there's a chance that might just be me).