Monday, June 6, 2011

HAPPY ANNIVersar.....*snore*....

No one really asks a newly-married couple what they did to celebrate their first anniversary. I assume it's because people don't really wants to hear about the booze-filled, sex-romp you had around town. Jacob and I's first anniversary was no different, if only for the fact that no one asked how it was or what we did to celebrate.

Jacob's parents were gracious enough to have a sleepover with Zoey from Saturday until Sunday even though our actual anniversary date was on Sunday. Of course I use the word "gracious" loosely as Zoey's family love her to bits and can't wait to be the ones taking care of her. So we dropped her off shortly after 11am and took the long, scenic route through the rain to get home. We got there a little after 12:30pm and plopped on the couch.
And fell asleep.

We stirred but didn't have any interest in getting up until our stomachs told us to. So at around 5pm we picked up Applebee's using the Curb-Side To-Go service and a gift card I received in honor of Administrative Professionals Day (that's right, my office celebrates. Does yours?). We then parked ourselves back on the couch while we ate dinner and watched television.
And then fell asleep.

We woke up around 11pm, gathered ourselves and groggily made our way to bed. I slept until 7am (unfortunately, it's completely unheard of for me to sleep any longer no matter when I go to bed), and Jacob slept until 10:30am. We slowly got ready, me turning our bathroom into a mini-spa as best I could for not really caring two shits about that stuff. But I now see why women do that - very relaxing. Although I'm fairly certain they go all out with a bubble bath, face mask, pore strips, mani, pedi, etc and I just don't have the energy for that so I made do with Suave rosemary and mint shampoo, the citrus body wash from Costco, and a cup of purple Acai and blueberry tea.

By the time we got out of the house at noon, we ran baby-related errands, and hit the Sonic that was surprisingly un-busy for a weekend. Everyone was most likely in their Sonic-induced grease comas from the night before (since it's opening, the amount of people lined up to purchase their sat-on sandwiches and burgers routinely caused traffic build-ups during all high-feeding times). I have to say, though, for as little liquid as they put in the cup in correlation to the ice distribution, their iced latte is pretty tasty.

We picked up our snuggle muffin shortly after 2pm, and got home just in time to go fall sleep.

Can't wait to do it again next year!