Friday, June 24, 2011

Adventures in Sippy Cup

Today Zoey is 9 months old!! Not even realizing it, last night we had her try a sippy cup for the 2nd time (the first was a few months ago when she was forced to because Daddy took the bottle out of the diaper bag and didn't tell Mommy). Her doctor said we needed to start practicing with a cup so she gets the hang of it. It also helps babies transition from sucking in liquids to drinking, and aids in learning how to use other eating utensils. Unfortunately, her sippy cup is of the novelty variety, having been purchased from the ASU Bookstore, which we didn't learn until Zoey used it to bathe herself in formula.

First, we tried a Nuk waterbottle of sorts. I think it's supposed to be a combination of a bottle and sippy cup because I think a certain amount of sucking is still involved. She didn't quite get the hang of it, which I have a hard time believing. Apparently, she holds her bottle all the time while at Auntie Rachael's house but adamantly refuses while at home; so we aren't really sure if she can do it or not.

Either way, the little Princess wasn't up to holding the waterbottle thing so we moved on to the sippy cup.

Jacob fully expected to have to bring her arms up to the sippy cup and help her figure out how to use it. But we discovered long ago that she is already way smarter than us. Nope, she popped out knowing exactly how to use a sippy cup. The only thing now is to buy a proper one so she doesn't think a shower of formula will be the result. Even still, she was quite a refined sippy cup-user.

 With her pinkie in the air.

 Showin' off her mad skills, already. Look, Mom, one hand!

She looks like she's just enjoying her morning cup of Joe.

It looks like sippy cup will be added to our shopping list for the weekend! :-)