Sunday, May 29, 2011

The Story of Us (Part Two)

I was excited to move back west. I didn't travel up the east coast like I had wanted, but I did frequently fly out of the Atlanta airport, and I did drive halfway down the state of Florida more than once, so that totally counts.

Jacob hadn't been anywhere further East than Colorado so when deciding our route, we chose the arguably most exciting. Driving out to Florida from Phoenix was one giant snooze-fest; 1800 miles on I-10. So Jacob and I went up through all of those weird southern states that still haven't out-lawed bestiality, and then over through South Dakota into Montana. We stopped twice, I believe, in Illinois and South Dakota in a hunting motel where I was pretty sure Psycho was based. We had a lot of fun and, of course, spending three days in the car, we argued. It was our first taste of what being in a relationship would be like and we didn't seem too detoured by it.
 Just a couple of kids, starting out on their journey together.

So the day after Session ended, we packed up my little, white Cobalt and hit the road. Actually, we had to turn back three times because I forgot a few things. So an hour later, we were on the road! Ten miles outside of Tallahassee, we decided to get some sandwiches.

I know, the height of interesting.

It took us about 20 minutes to get through most of the states, and before we knew it, we were in Illinois. We came upon Metropolis, IL which claimed it was Superman's hometown. So, naturally, they needed to pay homage.
The entire time we were here - all of 5 minutes - Louis would not stop barking at the statue.

Illinois was where we spent out first night. We sought out the cheap Red Roof in and it was exactly what we had expected; less, actually. I walked Louis around the parking lot while we both checked in with our parents and Jacob lugged in bags we would need. I wound up in the room settled first when Jacob came bursting through the door and walked straight to the bathroom for a reason I don't even know today. He lifted the toilet seat, and said, "We're getting a new room. The toilet is filled with shit." I could not stop laughing. It was like checking the status level of the toilet was a standard requirement at each hotel he stayed at, which wasn't many. To this day he swears he just smelled something funny, and I believe him. I sort of smelled it too.

 Getting rolling for our second day.

For awhile, Jacob couldn't believe how closed-off the highway was with foliage. I guess I either hadn't noticed or had gotten used to it, but he was right. I remembered driving through New Mexico and being able to see the highway in front of me for miles. This was something extremely different.

Just a taste of some of the storms we encountered along the way, especially through the South.

Things opened up a bit once we got into South Dakota.

What I was told are the Badlands. Where they are, I don't quite remember. We took this trip 2 years ago, unbelievably.

Driving through Missouri.

Most of what we saw through the South and Midwest is a blur. We weren't sure exactly how long it would take us so we didn't make many stops, mostly for food or bathroom. So we really didn't start to make our road trip a road trip until we got to South Dakota. I'm sure anyone would be surprised at the quantity of touristy things to be done in this dusty state.

For starters, we pulled into South Dakota around 11pm at night and Jacob was fried (he didn't let me drive the entire time) so we stayed at the first hotel we found.

Seriously, nothing resembles The Bates motel more outside of the actual set at Universal Studios.
We arrived in Montana later that night even after all of our sightseeing. We truly have seen all that South Dakota has to offer.
I'm not sure exactly when it happened, but the first time Jacob saw the billboard for the car museum that housed a real General Lee he said, "We're going!" And so we did! Jacob took a picture of, literally, every car at the museum. It was actually very interesting and cool.

Doin' my best to support the team.

A little further down the freeway we saw a billboard for a petrified wood and rock garden. I mean, really, if given the opportunity to go to one of these, who's going to turn it down?

Yup, it was pretty much someones backyard covered in rocks.

 Jacob being super smart and showing me something very interesting.

If nothing else, the signs provided the entertainment.

The petrified wood garden also had a museum with dinosaur skulls, fossilized footprints, and other neat historical item indigenous to the area. In the end, it was worth a stop; and if we're going to stretch our legs, might as well expand our brains, right (although I can't tell you a lick of what I might have read that day)?

Since it wouldn't have taken us too out of our way and we had some extra time, Jacob obliged and allowed us to visit my version of the car museum: Mount Rushmore and the National Presidential Wax Museum. :-D

I had been there once before but I didn't remember much about it; it was a pit-stop on the way (or way home from) a baseball tournament somewhere in South Dakota. So this time was cool because we walked around and learn how it was created, went through the museum, and stopped in the super cool, nothing-but-politics gift shop!

Huh....looks like we feel the same way about Bush. I just need to put a little more muscle behind mine.

Finally on the last leg of our journey, this was as we were crossing into Wyoming and Montana. We should have just cut through the corner but Jacob missed the exit so we had to cut into a corner of Wyoming.

We arrived home around 11pm and it was not an easy welcoming. For starters, I was so nervous, scared, anxious, you name it that I could have crapped my pants a few times. I knew Louis was too and it probably didn't help that I was so on edge. Jacob was probably nervous too but he hid it better than I did. He went inside to greet Durbin first and they brought him outside to meet Louis. That did not go over well. 
Durbin kept trying to hump Louis and for anyone who knows Louis will tell you, he'll eat your face off. So they started fighting, Jacob freaked out and got in the middle causing Louis to bite his finger. I was just sitting on the steps thinking, "What have I done....." We kept the dogs separated the following day then let them have it out outside. They growled at each other for a millisecond then it was all play all the time. Now they live like brothers; they play, fight, bully one another, and care for each other. Above all they want to be apart of this family we've created, and know we'll sell them for a nickle if they step out of line.

Jacob had assured me everything was going to be alright, but it was hard for me to get on board with that. I had lived so long on my own, it was going to be an adjustment living with someone else, and in a relationship atmosphere. But since you know all about Zoey, it must have worked out somehow...... :-)

To be continued.........................