Tuesday, May 10, 2011

My First Mother's Day

This year was my first Mother's Day as a non-incubator; mother to a real, live human being. Not that I don't love being mom to two big fur babies, but sometimes I'd sell them for a nickle so the feeling is a bit different.

I believe my Mother's Day was exactly what one should be for a woman who is celebrating her first. To start, Jacob sold one of his POS cars. :-D I'm not even really sure how he got a hold of the thing, but it was pretty much just a shell of what a car used to be. Cats had lived in it at one point until Louis learned how to open the driver door and that was the end of that. Coincidentally, a friend of his uncle's bought the car - presumably for parts - so they drove up to Columbus on Saturday to pick it up. So instead of us going up there twice, we celebrated Mother's Day for Jacob's mom that day.

It was an extremely relaxing and lighthearted day. Zoey had fun and we were able to spend a good deal of the afternoon outside since it was so nice. I'll say one thing for Columbus - the summers are beautiful. It's so quiet, all you can hear are birds chirping and, of course, Durbin barking because he wants to chase rocks.

Both Rachael and Bobbie (Jacob's mom) got me very sweet cards, wishing me a happy 1st Mother's Day. Bobbie also gave me a couple of tomato plants to try out my green thumb, and Rachael gave me two pots of herbs, chives and parsley. So I've been spending the last few days on the internet trying to learn how to take care of tomatoes and herbs. And I got my first Mother's Day hand and foot print!
Bobbie made homemade play dough, which I wholeheartedly plan on doing. I've never eaten Play Doh brand play dough myself, but I hear it is very salty. After she left, she wrote Zoey's name and the date, then baked them in the oven. She helped our children make one for both Rachael and I.

We gave Bobbie daffodils to plant, and lilies to grow, the purchase of which benefiting Susan G. Koman. I wanted to make the day mostly about her so Jacob gave me a couple of things on Saturday then we reserved our Mother's Day for Sunday. He got me similar lilies to grow. The front of our house is a complete gnarled mess of dead brambles and Lord only knows what else. And with all the of the rain we've recently been getting, I'm hoping I can get to work on it this weekend.

When I won't be trying my hand at gardening, he also got me a cheap, trashy Romance novel set in England. Apparently she is a New York Times best selling author who must have used up all of her creativity on whatever landed on the New York Times best seller list as the lovers' names are Alexander and Alexandra.

Saturday was a such long day that no one in the house got up until 8am Sunday morning. Naturally, I was up at 5:45am but that just meant I had a few hours to myself; even the dogs left me alone (well, after they realized I had no intention of letting them outside). Zoey was all smiles when she did finally wake up, and was in a generally jolly mood for most of the day. Maybe she was so happy because it started in her brand new....wait for it....high chair!

Ok, in all honesty, the highchair isn't brand new. We borrowed it from Aunt Rachael since there is a limited amount of time we'll need one; buying one is just silly. She doesn't mind or particularly love her highchair. She has resigned herself to the fact that this is where she eats. She has, however, gotten a lot better at eating solid food when she's in the highchair. She grew out of the Bumbo so it was more of a toy to her, thus not concentrating or caring about eating.

Waitin' for my chow...It was one of the few times she's had breakfast - Ella's Kitchen strawberries and apples. She loved it and smelled like strawberries for the rest of the morning.
And we're off!
Zoey will still try to feed herself when the spoon is headed her way. But as we're getting towards the end of her humoring me with solid food, she'll grab the spoon and play with it.

After we were done with that hysteria, Jacob made me a wonderful Mother's Day breakfast. No, it wasn't in bed but I can't blame him for that; it's not his fault I wake up before the sun.
And then it was nap time. It's just a shame it wasn't nap time for everyone.

The weekend's festivities must have worn Zoey out pretty well, she took a relatively long nap. And it must have rejuvenated her, for this was what we found when we heard she had woken up:
This was actually taken after we scooped her up from her nap and promptly lowered the crib mattress.
 Showing Mommy how it's done.
 Ta da!
I felt very spoiled on Mother's Day, but feel that way every day with Zoey as my baby (ok, depending on the day, my answer to that may be different). I spent my Mother's Day being a mom.