Sunday, May 1, 2011

Just Some Pictures

I don't have a lot to talk about, so here are some more pictures from our weekend during Grandma's visit.

 Practicing crawling on Grandma's bed. She has since perfected it, even climbing up on her knees.
 Waiting for chow. We are in desperate need of a high chair; good thing Aunt Rachael has, like, 3!

 Just our usual multi-weekly trip to the Target around the corner.
 First time playing in her Elmo cart. She was due for a nap but played for a good half an hour more.
 She's so pink! :-) <3
 Zoey and I both love being in the kitchen - together, I mean -  me cooking or cleaning, her tooling around in her cart.
 That omelet was gigantic and delicious!!
 Just ask my mom! :-)
 A break from cooking and cleaning one night, dinner out at the Outback (Jacob and I really wanted to try their crab cakes. Turns out, totally worth it. Thanks, Dad!). It was one of the first few times taking Zoey out to a restaurant. As expected, she was amazing!

 Everyone enjoyed the Outback!

 Typical Louis move.

 She's become very active in her crib so it was time to get her a crib bumper (they don't suggest using them the first 6 months because they've been thought to reduce air circulation, thus being a contributor to SIDS). It has worked at keeping her limbs from getting stuck, but when she's upset and wanting us, she'll pull herself up to her knees, pull down the crib bumper and look through the crib slats like she's an Alcatraz inmate.
 It must be Saturday. She'll usually hang out in the big bed with Daddy while I prepare her morning bottle.
 She has recently learned to say "Bob."
 A lazy Saturday all the way around.
This was actually taken the afternoon we took Grandma to the airport and I had the afternoon off from work. We've since put the dogs' food in the "bonus room," and we shut them in there when she wants to crawl around the floor. But sometimes she is so incredibly interested in them that she'll crawl across the living room and kitchen floor to see what the dogs are doing through the glass door. I thought this was cute, like they're trying to get to each other.

That's about it.

I have some pictures from this weekend, but although it was extended, it wasn't very exciting. Zoey had a fever and just didn't feel good. And she absolutely refused to nap longer than 30 minutes, waking up crying, which is extremely rare; but that only compounded the problem. Today, she seemed to be doing better, being awake for 3-hour-plus stretches at a time, and taking good naps.

Tomorrow we go back to our usual work-week schedule and I hope she can adjust back smoothly. Shit, I hope we all can.