Wednesday, May 18, 2011

I have a lot to talk about/stories to tell but I don't know where to begin and my energy level is depleted. So instead, some pictures from our weekend! I made chocolate chip pancakes for breakfast and off we went!

Well, it was time. We had to pen her up. And oddly enough it gives her more freedom than if she were just roaming the house; she can move where she wants, stand when she wants, unlimited toys, I'm thinking of getting one for myself.

 One of her favorite things to do is throw herself up against the sides.

 Playing with our new puzzle, bought using the Gifts to Grow Program.

About to head outside with the cute new gardening tote Daddy got me for Mother's Day. Ok, actually, it was kind of chilly that day so we didn't get to garden until Sunday.
 Every time we put her on her rocking horse, she grins from ear to ear. Then we whip out the camera and she gives us her moody model face.

She loves being on her rocking horse but she is all business. This smile is one in a million; she always looks like she needs to conduct serious business while on her horse.
 Surveying what my living room now looks like. It looks a lot worse now, just a few days later.
 You wipe my mouth all of the time, Mommy, here, let me do it for you this time.
Having some playtime before getting down to gardening.

My before pictures. I'm a little afraid I might find a dead body buried in there.

 Some pre-gardening giggles.

 Spending some time watching Daddy work on re-building the engine in his Honda.
 My fantastic Montana gardening outfit (ok, I don't have to be gardening to be wearing this). I'm pretty sure my mom has a similar picture of herself somewhere wearing a similar shirt. :-)
So Jacob said, "Ok, watch. See, I'll take a picture of myself."

 This can't even be considered the beginning.....
 Food time! Chowing down on some squash. She did better than her mother did when she was 12 years older. (blech, I HATE squash)