Sunday, May 8, 2011

Happy Mother's Day!!

Happy Mother's Day, Mommy!! You're the best anyone could hope for! (And I'm sorry that all of these pictures somehow reference alcohol; that was an unfortunate coincidence)

Walking the beach in Mexico, bloody Mary in hand, naturally! She makes the best ones!

Watching the Colorado Avalanche at some bar in Jackson Hole, WY, waiting to pick dad from the airport. He was in Louisiana doing FEMA training.

A the super fabulous, super chic, ultra exclusive Lake Elmo. More like sunbathing by a puddle but that is why you bring alcohol.

At Fair Montana, waiting for the Kelly Clarkson concert to begin. It was awesome! Jacob, working for Fox, was able to score us free tickets with pretty good seats!

After the concert, walking the grounds of Fair Montana. It was pretty cool. There's a good possibility Jacob will have access to tickets again this year; he did last year but that would have been cruel and unusual punishment (the Fair is in August). It will be a fun thing to do with Zoey, she'll enjoy everything going on.

I wish I had more pictures. Unfortunately, they're housed on a hard drive of a computer that doesn't work. And memory cards I can't access because the camera broke. But they all still exist.

As do the memories, and impression she left on me for the wife, mother, sister, daughter, and friend I should strive to be.

I love you, Mom!! You're the best (comma) Mom there is!
Geuss Who