Monday, May 9, 2011

And Time Marches On.....

Well, getting back to our normal routine was in a word: ugh!

To start, Zoey had been in the habit of waking up when her little heart desired for the last 3 weeks. Now, she has to get up by 6:45am. :-( Needless to say, last Monday morning she was piiiiisssseeeedddd. She didn't even want her bottle, she just fell right to sleep once we got in the car. Great, another grump in the morning. ;-)

But it didn't take long for her to get back in the swing of things. In fact, when Jacob and I went to get her up one morning, this is what we found:

With last week getting screwed up, I feel like I have no idea what day it us; sometimes I even have trouble remembering what month it is. My coworker and I have decided that this is the direct result of having children.

Not helping in the slightest is work has dramatically picked up since just a couple of weeks ago. I have found myself working straight and not having the slightest idea what time it is until everyone is leaving for lunch. Of course this is good, but my work usually spills over into the next day or two, making it feel like one giant work-day. So, if nothing else, this last week has been exhausting, but I knew getting out of the house and straying from the routine would do some good. And God bless my friend, Mer, who is always wanting to get out and do something; she is the social director of our friendship.

We have a variety of things in common, one of which being that we both have 2 fur babies who are infantile, naughty, get jealous, over-bark, bite, hump, dig through the yard, and most anything else you'd imagine a not-so-well behaved dog to do. With the weather getting more mild, and the sun staying out longer, Mer wanted to take all 4 of them to an open park near her house. It was pretty obscure, I wouldn't have found the dirt road that blends into everything else around it had it not been for the handy-dandy map she had drawn for me. But I crested a small hill and Zoey, the dogs and I wound up in the absolute middle of nowhere; only a few feet, yet miles, from the road, houses, or cars. Mer said the park can get pretty packed, but the dogs can fun for forever, it seems. That day, however, we were the only one's there.

Mer, opting out of adding to the 3 step-children she has, has loved Zoey since she found out about her. I think Mer has ESPN to rival my own, for when I told the staff I was pregnant during a meeting, she shouted, "I knew it!" From then on, she referred to me as BeBe instead of just B, and made sure to greet my tummy at least twice a day. And Zoey is more than accepting of Mer, probably familiar with her voice. Unfortunately, though, she spent most of the day crabby, and while she did hold it together well, Mer didn't get to hold her as long as she would have liked. To make matters even more interesting, as I was changing her in the car, Zoey thought it was an opportune time to pee everywhere.

The dogs had unbelievable amounts of fun! I don't think I have ever seen Durbin happier. And, surprisingly, with Durbin's lack of being neutered, he didn't feel the need to hump, even Mer's girl, Kona. And as I had expected, Durbin, Kona, and Mer's Golden Retriever, Boone, played together while Louis was off investigating something somewhere.

 Durbin, Boone, Kona, Mer, and Zoey,
 And Louis.

The spring weather seemed to continue into the next day so I thought it a good idea for a walk around the neighborhood. Back when I was on maternity leave, despite, but probably because of, my rampant stupidity, I figured out how to combine the car seat and stroller the day before the weather turned frigid. So I was excited for all of the snow to be replaced by green lawns and flower buds so I could take Zoey out and show her. And - wouldn't ya know - she doesn't need the car seat to sit in the stroller anymore.
Hmm...these are some new strappies...She is just the tiniest bit too small, but not too small to make it completely unforeseeable.

All ready to go!

She was relatively quiet at first. Like me, she likes to hang back and observe before involving herself in whatever might be going on. Then she grabbed her hippo and started to giggle and jabbered.

 Our walk was fun for everyone! And my back-fat area (if I had any fat on my body) was pretty sore from just walking around the neighborhood. I don't even know how long we were gone. I guess there really is something to all of those women walking with their strollers. So ladies, even if don't have a baby, buy a stroller and strap a 20-pound turkey into the seat.

When we got home, Daddy has just finished mowing the front lawn, something it desperately needed after all of the Spring snow. There were brown patches underneath so it's good Jacob cut it just in time for it to rain all weekend. The backyard is another story.....We've sort-of neglected it, as evidenced by the rainforest we have blooming. But we'll need to tend to it soon since the dogs have cut paths that need to be re-grown.

 Are you taking notes, girl? ;-)

It was a crazy week, but we of course found our moments of relaxation and fun.
Now on to the next week......