Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Thisclose to Crawling

We knew it was happening fast; we knew she'd get a move on moving! We just didn't expect it to happen so fast.

I don't mean this in the parental this-is-happening-too-fast! way.

When we get home, I always take her out of her carseat and - depending on the diaper situation - sit her in the middle of my bed while I change out of my work clothes. She'll do a combination of things, including sitting there giggling at me, playing with my Spongebob Squarepants blanket, and rolling over. Our bed is very lumpy and bumpy and doesn't really have anything that constitutes a "flat surface," but this is where she chose to hop up on all-fours for the first time. I may be embellishing a tad when I use the term "hop," but it was as if she had been doing it for ages, and she was completely fine with it. Before my eyes even had a moment to glance away (not that I would ever!), she was rocking back and forth on her hands and knees.

(some pics, but a video coming shortly as soon as I can tear myself away from my mesmerizing super-baby, remember to grab my phone, and shoot a video all before she gets too pissed that her incredibly strong arms are pushing her backward instead of the other way around)

(Taken during naked-time, obviously. It's when we're able to move around the most unfettered)

It only lasted little more than a second since she doesn't have the stomach muscles, and her arms are generously stronger than her legs. But, of course, as the days have gone on, she's only gotten more ready to take off. So when she feels like giving it a go, she'll roll over, push herself up and rock back and forth until she gets frustrated that she isn't going anywhere (because there is usually always something in her eye-line that she's wanting to crawl towards). But she's very determined. If she wants something, she'll find a way to get it (does not remind me of a single person); and since that way isn't yet crawling, her means are either scootching back on her heels, repetitive rolling, or scooting herself in circles on her belly.

Jacob and I are her biggest cheerleaders, always rooting her on. She'll smile and laugh, but still always looks at as us confused, like she doesn't understand why we're praising her for something she feels she should have known how to do already. She's our super baby and we're constantly amazed at everything she does. Who knew something so small, new, and incapable could be so entertaining. Time to cancel the cable!