Thursday, April 21, 2011

Stay Home From Work, Will Take Videos

Some videos I was lucky enough to capture this afternoon.

The last time I played stay-at-home mommy was the last major bank holiday. February? But I took the afternoon off today after Zoey and I dropped Grandma off at the airport. And my office is closed tomorrow so we'll get to pretend some more!!

Although I started filming this when she was already halfway across the kitchen floor (Slow Mom Syndrome), she had started mid-living room and motored all the way to the sliding glass door (yes, there is one smack-dab in the kitchen). Once mobile, Durbin showed some mistrust and hesitation when it came to Zoey having a little more capabilities and freedom. So when she wanted to move around, I had to shut the dogs in what we refer to as the "bonus room" (it began as a man-cave but slowly evolved into a living space when I was on maternity leave. I know, poor Jacob).

And so the obsession with the dogs' food begins. Actually, to be completely factual, it started a few months ago and has only gotten worse as she's been able to get closer to the dogs and their food, preferably at the same time. Just this evening, in her Elmo cart, she quietly stared at both dogs - at different times - while they ate their food. We figure at some point in the very near future, we'll need to put them in the "bonus room," which will be gated off.

Around 1:30pm, after we had been home for about an hour, Zoey had reached her peak. She'll make a few, little whimper-type noises, but ultimately aim to cuddle in your lap. Often, she'll like to just sit in my lap and suck her thumb for awhile before being put down. But she still has to get there herself, Miss Stubborn Baby. :-)

Each day bring new things so who knows what videos we'll get tomorrow!! I'm just lucky enough I get to spend the day with her. <3