Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Grandma Kisses

These last couple of weeks, Jacob and I have been lucky enough to have my Mom stay with us while Dad is George of the Jungle on a motorcycle. We love that Zoey gets to stay home during the day, play with her own things, nap in her own crib, grab at her own doggies, while being cared for by family. And Grandma is beyond smitten!!

Grandma hadn't been to Montana to visit Zoey since January, when she was 3 months old. When we were in Tucson, Zoey turned 6-months but Grandma has already noticed marked changes just from the last 4 weeks. For one thing, she is eating solid foods more regularly. Her main source of nutrition is still formula - and will be until she is 1 year old - but we're at least introducing fruits and veggies, and getting into a meal routine. Plus, she seems to really enjoy it.

Zoey is also crawling and "running," giving Grandma plenty of exercise and lots of laughs. One of Zoey and Grandma's favorite thing to do is play Patty Cake.

These pictures were taken after one of the first rounds of Patty Cake. Grandma and Zoey did it again for Mommy and Daddy last night and Zoey was an old pro. She had her hands and fingers open wide to clap, and she let Grandma help her with all of the motions, smiling and super interested the entire time.

I'm fairly certain Mom played Patty Cake with me, so it's sweet to watch her teach Zoey, and to see Zoey having so much fun with it.