Tuesday, April 12, 2011

The Future of Zoey and Mystery Sibling

A recent conversation between Jacob and I on our way home from work one day last week:

Breanne: "So I was having lunch today, eating the very yummy sandwich you made me, by the way, thank you!"
Jacob: "You're welcome, my pleasure. I'm glad it was good."
B: "Anyway, I was having lunch and reading my book when my phone goes off, like I have a new text message. I thought it was you since you are the only one who really texts me; and you usually text around lunch time so I just thought it was you."
J: "Yeah, ok."
B: "So I open up the message and it's from *semi long pause for dramatic effect even though none is really needed* my dad!"
J: "HAHA! No way! He got text!"
B: "I know! I opened it up and was like, 'Uh oh, this isn't gonna be good,' HAHA!! Oh, AND, he freaking has a signature!"
J: "No way! I don't even have a signature! I don't even know how to make one."
B: "I know, I don't know how either!"
J: "We're such losers."
B: "So, anyway, then later in the day I get another text message, and, again, I figured it was from you since it was a little after 4pm. I open it up and it's from *semi long pause for dramatic effect* my brother."
J: *laugh* "Oh yeah?"
B: "Yeah, my brother says, 'Dad just started texting me. What the fuck. Haha!'"