Monday, April 18, 2011

Crawling is So Passe!

Zoey, lately, has little tolerance for sitting or lying down while playing. She is constantly rolling over, rolling somewhere, honing her commando-crawl - AND her actual crawl; she's taken just a few "steps" but she's shortly on her way! - or making her legs as straight as posts so that when she pulls herself up, it is to a standing position.

We have limited space in our house where there isn't carpeting; the opposite a cruel joke in Montana, if you ask me, but I wanted to get Zoey one of those ExcerSaucer-type things with wheels so she can do the moving she seems she is so desperately wanting to do in her standard ExerSaucer (actually named a Bounce Bounce Baby, interestingly enough). I found a Sesame Street one pretty inexpensively, but, really, no money is wasted on toys as she loves and uses everything equally and often.

When I took these videos, she had had the toy all of a good 30 minutes, including assembly time by Daddy. Be sure to watch them in sequence.

In retrospect, I should have kept the camera going so it would be one long video. You'll understand once you view them, but I felt my assistance might have been needed at the end of the first one. As it turns out, it wasn't, so I started filming again. :-)


 To be continued.....

Right now..............


I think there is a very good possibility that she would have turned herself completely around had she not been distracted by the super interesting dog bowls. She loves watching the dogs eat, always so curious as she stares at them. FINALLY she was able to see what exactly the dogs are doing.....And like every child, so the fascination with the dogs' bowls begins.....