Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Ooo Pictures!!

Since I haven't been the best momager of the family blog; and since I have currently forgotten anything important or worthwhile I may have wanted to talk about, here are some pictures!

And if you desire to ogle more of the cutest baby on the planet, click on the link to the right, below the checkerboard of pictures labeled 'Oo Pictures!'

My Lady Godiva! During naked-time one night - well, every night, really - she continued to roll towards her rocking horse. So I sat her up there naked. Photo op! :-)
Some more naked playtime. I found this car wash bath toy on the clearance shelf at Wal-Mart. I thought it was cute, and you can never have too many toys in the bathtub. When I took it out of the bag Jacob deadpanned, "It's a boy toy." Well, she loves her boy toy, so there.

Daddy catching us reading before bedtime.

Her (ok, my) favorite book, Good Night, I Love You.

Zoey got this for Christmas from Grandma; it's a Sing-a-ma-jig, and it is quite possibly the creepiest toy ever. She loves it.
Singing to her Sing-a-ma-jig.

Hold up. How did I get here, so far away from my playmat? I don't think she has the patience to figure out the crawling thing just yet, so if she's decided she needs to be somewhere, she rolls there. I was in the kitchen while she was playing and she decided to join me.

I have yet to reach the Cute Quota when it comes to Zoey with her dogs. She loves them and is so fascinated by them. They love her but are still unsure of how to act around her. We stressed her fragility when we first brought her home, obviously. But all of this changing is proving too difficult for a couple of old puppies at heart.

They love to give her kisses, which we monitor and do our best to prevent. But she loves to pet them so, of course, they view this as an invitation to the regurgitated formula buffet. And I've even heard a squeal from Louis when she grabbed the side of his face too hard.

She also loves to sit in her ExerSaucer and watch them eat their dinner while she swats at their tails. I could go on and on.....

Regardless of how many times they go through the garbage, I am beyond proud of their behavior with Zoey, and our new life as a crazy family. They're still clumsy and awkward, but they're full of nothing but love for their family.

And they've only tried to jump into the backseat from the way-back once.
Ok, twice.