Friday, March 11, 2011

Just Hangin' Around. PUN! :-)

So, yes, this blog really should be advertised as the All About Zoey blog, but she is the light of our lives at the moment, and takes up the majority of our time, energy, focus, and - lest we forget - money.

She can sit up by herself the majority of the time, but she still can't pull herself into a sitting position, obviously, without us grabbing her hands and helping her. And although she can sit and play, and even look up at Jacob and I without toppling over, when she's getting tired she hunches over. Clearly, I took these pictures when it was getting close to nap-time.
Her Vtech Move and Crawl Ball. She is entertained by it, but eventually she seems just as annoyed by it as her parents. Sometimes Jacob and I will find ourselves grooving to Roll, Roll, Roll the Ball as we're cooking in the kitchen.
Zoey reaching her boredom threshold. I should mention that in most every picture of Zoey on the floor, a black leg will appear somewhere in the frame.
And down we go! And we spit up a little on the way down. Luckily Louis won't let her out of his sight so he was there to handle things when they got sticky. PUN!

And off she goes in search of something else to play with, preferably something she's not allowed to play with. I now understand why "no" is a word a lot of children know and say without really understanding the meaning - it's all they hear from 6-months on.

I really believe Zoey views sitting as some right of passage she must go through in order to make it to standing. She is very discontent with her horizontal world.

Well, she is also a lot bigger from just a few seconds ago so Jacob and I decided to once again bust out the Johnny Jump-Up. We did it last night, but with all of us dragging from the busy day, she didn't spend as much time playing as she might have. I'm excited for the weekend so she can move and groove in there as long as she wants! And although it was short-lived, there wasn't a moment when she wasn't enjoying herself!

I apologize for the pictures being blurry - she was bouncing like crazy!!

Well, I guess in that case, I'm not sorry. :-)

P.S. We're very excited to visit Grandma and Grandpa next weekend where they have double doors!

I'm sure you're probably thinking, blurry pictures just don't cut it!

So here's a video! (It's a little dark so Jacob used the flashlight function on his phone. It turned out better than the others but still frustrating when you're trying to capture the cutest little girl in the world).

We anticipate a busy weekend as Jacob has to get fitted for a tux for his best friend's wedding in June, he'll most likely want to work on his Civic, and I'll start preparing for our trip to see Grandma and Grandpa; I need a good 4-hours to plan/get shit together for merely a day trip so I'm giving myself a week to prepare for our big journey. I still don't think it's enough time.

Have a great weekend!!