Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Gettin' Movin'

Enough of this sitting!

I swear, it feels like she is just going through the motions of everything she is "supposed" to learn just so she can eventually do what she really wants - walk, run, and play with EVERYTHING.

The last couple of weeks have been very busy - for mommy, daddy, AND baby!

One night last week, Zoey decided she just couldn't take it anymore, and with the help of the buoyancy of the water, tried to pull herself up to stand in the bathtub.

She has started sitting up regularly in the bath, even with the hump in the middle that is supposed to encourage being slightly reclined, for complete submersion, I guess. Whatever. Zoey just chases after her duckies that inevitably float away. So when she sat more forward in her bath, I figured she was reaching for a duck. That may have been where it started, but she soon discovered the edge of the tub, grabbed on and started hoisting her butt up. I started yelling, "Oh my God! Oh my God!" out of fear she might hurt herself, surprise at what she was doing, and astonishment at what she is now capable of. Jacob ran into the bathroom yelling, "What?! What?! Did she poop everywhere?!" Then, of course, we snapped a few pictures.

Zoey has also been busy sprouting teeth, which has not proved to be as easy as the first. She is a relatively happy baby but lately she's taken to screaming. And not from-the-throat screaming. No, she's started yelling from her diaphragm, and for no other reason than because her mouth is making her uncomfortable.

We tried Baby Orajel on her gum last night. Whenever we put something in her mouth she isn't used to she regards us with utter perplexity. She didn't seem to mind when I rubbed it on her gums, and she smelled cherry-rific when I was done.

We also got her infant Tylenol (well, the PediaCare brand) which does seem to help. And she really likes it. Because it's given orally with a sort-of water-dropper thing, she is confused by this in her mouth too. But she always swallows all of it and looks relatively content afterward.

I have mixed feelings about her teething - like it matters, right? On the one hand, I'm excited for her to grow, learn, walk, talk, and all of the other exciting milestones she'll experience. On the other hand, I absolutely love her as baby and will be sad to see that go. She already seems like such an adult! :-) As my mom said last night, "She'll be in college by the time she comes to visit us [in 2 weeks]!"

Life has been busy for mommy and daddy, and not just because of an extra-fussy, teething baby. In order to eventually make life easier - and cheaper - Jacob bought an engine for his Honda Civic. He'll begin rebuilding it as soon as he works out a way to bring his father's engine lift (I think that's what he called it) down from Columbus. I'm hoping he'll have it fixed by late this summer but I haven't shared this with him yet.

In order to get that engine, though, he had to communicate with the seller. And we discovered the morning he was supposed to pick it up that his phone didn't work. It performed all of the relatively useless auxiliary functions, but not the main purpose of having a cell phone - to make and receive calls, and make and receive text messages. Jacob tried calling technical support but they quickly determined they couldn't figure it out. My guess is he picked up a virus running an anti-virus program. So they sent him a new phone and all is right with the world once again.

But then we discovered we had a headlight out. Awesome.

We got that fixed on Friday.

After a week of running around and fixing things, we were pretty pooped.

A perfect summation of our family's last 2 weeks: