Thursday, March 17, 2011

And So Begins the Musical Toys.....

I went to the store after work tonight for the usual weekly necessities: formula, diapers, Mountain Dew, etc. I lucked out and found some adorable rompers and sundresses for this weekends' trip to Arizona to visit Grandma and Grandpa, and some other clothing odds and ends since she requires new clothes every few months (that's what I tell myself. But, really, who can resist the fantastic little outfits?). I guess I was made to have a baby - I get to shop for a new wardrobe every 3 months!

But with her sitting up pretty much all the time, and being aware of everything, I also knew it was time for some more interactive toys. She loves her Move 'n Crawl Ball, and the thing that spins around while teaching her about the ocean, but she's been very keen lately on smacking her hands against things; i.e. toys, arms, legs, mom, dad, dogs, car seat, the list goes on. So I got her this crib-to-floor piano, animal thing; there was no catchy name.

I don't dare put it in her crib, though; she is way to interested, way to smart, and way too aware. For a good month in the beginning I'd find her wide awake at 2am playing with her musical lamb. She has never found those things soothing. So all of her toys are at the foot of her crib, besides her Winnie the Pooh mobile that never moves.

She was very interested in this piano and played with it for quite awhile. Mommy did good. :-)

 I swear, it's creepy sometimes how much she can remind me of my dad.....
 Gettin' a little tired but still enjoying our toy.

 She's a freaking genius. My mom is always amazed at how I can pick up a cell phone or sit down at a computer and know exactly what I'm doing. I feel exactly the same way with Zoey when she sits down to a new toy and knows exactly what to do with all of the gadgets. I even turned it upside down so she could reach the animals better and she tried to turn it right side up.
 Daddy showing her how to use her toy. Admittedly, she already had been playing with it solo for quite a bit. Jacob probably just wanted to see what was so fun about it. Turns out, a lot.
 Ok, Daddy, now let me show you how to do it.

 Miss Rosy Cheeks wasn't feeling so great tonight. Her mouth was obviously bothering her and she was overtired. But she still had an amazing time playing with her toy.

Shortly after, it was time to get ready for bed. As you saw, she was very red-cheeked. And shortly after she fell asleep I found her quite stuffy. A third tooth is on the way!! Just in time to start solid foods next week!! Bring on the bibs! For Mom, Dad, and Baby......